4 Tips To Remove Tobacco Stains From Dentures

Remove Tobacco Stains From Denture

Remove Tobacco Stains From Denture

Tobacco is an addictive item that people cannot stop consuming once they have an intake of it. Tobacco is not only harmful to your health but it also harms your dentures in lots of different ways. The main effect of tobacco is that it leaves nasty stains on your dentures that also stink. You can get rid of the smell through mouth fresheners but the stains are hard to get rid of. Below are a few techniques to get rid of tobacco stains from your dentures effectively.

Remove Tobacco Stains From Dentures

Mouthwashes For Your Dentures

Using a medicated mouthwash such as Listerine is also a solution. The major reason for prolonged tobacco stains is the development of bacteria due to chemicals in the food.

A mouthwash shall help in getting rid of these bacteria, remove the foul smell and hence, get the stains off your dentures. Before the problem persists for a long time or gets aggravated, use effective mouth wahses! It also helps remove plaque and solves other mouth problems you might not even be aware of which ultimately helps in getting rid of the stains!


Yogurt Or Milk For Effect On Teeth

This one’s from grandma’s diary of home remedies. Milk or any such dairy product is very effective in getting the tobacco stains off your dentures as the live culture in these dairy products help in removing the bacterial growth, essentially rooting out the cause for the stain.Yogurt is especially extra beneficial. It is scientifically proven that yogurt contains four types of strains of good bacteria, namely L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, S. thermophilus and bifidobacteria. These four beneficial bacteria will help combat the bad bacteria in the mouth. Apart from helping remove the tobacco stain, yogurt is also rich in several vitamins, thus regular intake of yogurt is encouraged.


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Saliva For The Stains

Ever noticed, if you don’t talk or open your mouth for too long your mouth starts stinking? This is due to the accumulation of saliva in the mouth. This saliva contains a lot of bacteria which lead to your breath becoming stale. This is exactly the reason why morning breath as a concept exists. How does this titbit help in getting off a tobacco stain off the tongue ? Well saliva has bacteria right? So use the bacteria to your advantage.

Just keep the saliva moving in the mouth, by talking or just swallowing some regularly. This shall help in getting off the lighter, non-persistent stains that readily go away, like fruit stains. So next time someone blames you for talking too much, tell them you are doing this to keep bad breath away. Whether bad breath goes away or not, the annoying person most certainly will!



Tomato Juice For The Tobacco Stains

Tomato juice is acidic in nature. When you use it effectively, you can get rid of tobacco stains rom your dentures. The tomato juice, when appropriately rubbed time and again against the dentures, it would help in combating the stain of tobacco. The acidic property of tomato juice would fight off the tobacco bacteria.

Tomato Juice