6 Various Types Of Teeth Whitener

Various Types Of Teeth Whitener

Types Of Teeth Whitener

Whether you have an important date with your loved one or once in life time grand event such as a wedding, you suddenly realize your teeth does not have the right color.

Thanks to the coffee and cigarette habit that contributed to this. It’s time to turn to something more reliable in the field of cosmetic dentistry which can make your smile more paparazzi friendly in the event. You can choose from an array of different types of teeth whitener that would help you to smile better.

Different Types Of Teeth Whitener

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

If you have the event to attend tomorrow then opting for a faster treatment is an intelligent move. Choose the one with laser as it makes use of high advanced equipment to clean your teeth and make it whiter. Even though slightly on the expensive side, this is worth the try.


A gel is applied prior to using the laser on your teeth and this method brightens the teeth by 10 shades higher. It also has the ability to remain even tough stains on your teeth. The costs vary from $ 500 to $1500.

Tray Method

Tray Method

This is one of the most popular method in which your dentists would design a try that is custom fit for your mouth. Then at home, you can pour the whitening liquid in the tray and wear it for some specific time as advised by the dentist. The cost of this treatment ranges from $ 400 to $1000 and is very effective to take care of the stains in your teeth.

Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips

In this process, very thin pieces of plastic having a coating of teeth whitener agent on one side are used. These pieces can be pressed on the teeth to whiten it.

The strips are designed separately for upper teeth and lower teeth and are inexpensive ones which can save your face on a jiffy. You can easily buy these at any of the drug stores.

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Teeth Whitener Paint

Teeth Whitener Paint

This is usually a reliable method as the paint features whitening peroxide in gel form which can be painted on your teeth using a brush. Air dry or use a cloth to dry your teeth and then the whitening gel paint is painted on the teeth and left to dry. There are also whitening pens available which can also be used in the same way. Do not rinse after drying and leave it as it is.



This is a simple method of teeth whitener which features veneers made with porcelain material to laminate the teeth and offer custom made fit to enhance the color of your teeth.

Sport a pearly white smile with these veneers. You need to part with $600 to $1200 to get this flashy smile. This is a fast option if you want to cover broken or damaged teeth for the occasion.

Dental Restorations

Crowns And Bridges

Add crowns or bridges to match the whitened teeth of yours by restoring it with new ones or else they would show up separately in dull color when you smile. This is worth the investment as it lasts for many years.

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