Use Mini Dental Implants For Perfect Solution

Use Mini Dental Implants

Use Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are the new creation in the modern dental procedures. It has become a perfect alternative to several dental problems. In fact, this effective dental procedure allows the people to smile perfectly without any hesitation. The procedure of mini dental implants is simply persistent and provides solution to the patient within an hour.

These implants are also known as small diameter implants or narrow body implants. Majority of the cosmetic dentists prefer to use these implants because they are easy to apply and there is no need to cut the gums during this procedure.

Features Of Mini Dental Implants



Mini Dental implants have gradually been assumed as the vital component in implant dentistry. Since the inception of this procedure, several patients have benefited from it and get their missing teeth and a bright smile. These implants are being applied by the specialists through a simple and moderate approach.

They can also work as an anchor to the dentures or crowns and bridges. Furthermore, the professional dentists also use mini dental implants with the purpose of preventing the bone of the patient from any disease and improve his or her facial appearance. Unlike the conventional dental implants, the mini dental implants are less than 3.0 mm in size.

Comparison Between Mini Implants And Conventional Implants

Conventional Implants

Dental implants are counted among the most utilized procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Generally, they were applied with conventional method called large dental implants but with the passage of time, mini dental implants have gained more popularity than the conventional ones.

In many points, mini dental implants are more beneficial than the traditional dental implants particularly when we talk about the cost, durability and immediate results of them. But when it comes to stability and overall performance, the large dental implants score more than the mini implants as per the views of the professional dentists.

Placement Of Mini Dental Implants


Since mini dental implants are new in the field of dental implant, the procedure of applying mini dental implants also requires latest technology. First of all, the dentist analyzes the condition of the bone before placing the mini dental implants. This examination permits the dentist to decide the actual size of the implants and manages its exact placement, accordingly.

Therefore, the mini dental implants are being placed and then the dentist does x-ray through 3D technology to make sure accurate placement of the mini dental implants. Moreover, the placement of the mini dental implants into the jawbone can only be done through local anesthesia. The heads of the implants offer a hard base to protect the replacement teeth of the patient.

Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are comparatively new in the field of cosmetic dentistry but it requires lesser time to provide effective solution to the patients. These implants have more benefits when they are compared to the traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants require less bone to be placed, which benefits the patient to spent little money on bone grafts.

Moreover, these implants only need small hole for the placement which puts less pressure on to the bone and soft tissue. Besides that, they don’t require bone removal that provides faster healing to the patients, which is different from the large dental implants. Mini Dental implants are more comfortable to the patients as these implants are not comprised of surgery of the bone and gums.

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