4 Types Of Ultrathin Dentures

Ultrathin Dentures

Ultrathin Dentures

Dentures are a replacement for the teeth extracted due to decay, infection and breakage. Dentures are also called as ‘false teeth’ which supports the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Ultra thin dentures are created with acrylic and combination of metals. It is up made of metals like gold, titanium, cobalt and chrome. Though these thin dentures are very comfortable and natural to the user, it possesses higher chances of damage.

Most of the toothpastes have chemicals that degrade the metals used in dentures. Do not apply tooth paste on these dentures. Exposure to sunlight has adverse effect on these dentures. Ultrathin dentures have features that make it more distinguished from standard dentures. They are safer than standard dentures and do not allow food particles to be stuck between dentures and gum. 

The users are comfortable and do not feel the layer between the dentures and gum. Ultra thin dentures allow you to chew and talk with ease and stabilize rest of the teeth avoiding problems that arises due to tooth loss.

Types Of Ultra Thin Dentures

There are major types of ultra thin dentures namely roof ultra thin dentures and partial ultra thin dentures.

Roof Ultra Thin Dentures

Roof dentures are referred as ‘complete dentures’ and are replaced for the entire mouth. These dentures can be used for top row or bottom row of teeth. The entire mouth is wrapped by a thin plate.

It makes the mouth feeling cramped and uneasy. Since it covers the entire mouth, roof dentures cause lot of aesthetic and practical difficulties for the users. So cast ultra thin and acrylic ultra thin dentures are preferred against roof ultra thin dentures.

Roof Ultra Thin Dentures

Partial Ultra Thin Dentures

Partial ultra thin dentures are used to replace the missing teeth. This eliminates the need to extract the remaining teeth and the partial denture is placed around it. This denture is attached to gum tissue of the lost teeth.

This is capable of protecting the gum infection and avoiding it to spread to nearby teeth. Partial dentures have to be removed each night and easily removable. They need to be soaked in disinfectant for the entire night to get rid of bacteria and other infections.

Partial Ultra Thin Dentures

Acrylic Ultra Thin Dentures

Acrylic ultra thin dentures are partial dentures and uses acrylic for preparing dentures. Before metallic thin dentures are created, acrylic dentures are prescribed for patients.

Acrylic dentures are widely used by most of the patients but they are brittle because of the thinness of acrylics.

Acrylic Ultra Thin Dentures

Cast Ultra Thin Dentures

These dentures are formed with acrylics and metals that are commonly used in dentures. Cast dentures use best of the combination for getting the light feeling but are robust enough for daily use.

Cast Ultra Thin Dentures

Be aware of the different type of ultra thin dentures and choose the appropriate denture after consulting your dentist. With ultra thin dentures using different materials selecting the one that fits you appropriately and makes you feel comfortable is of utmost importance.

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