Top Side Effects Of Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Top Side Effects Of Dental Veneers Cosmetic dentistry has given people a new lease of life with their expensive dental procedures and smile makeovers. These days anyone can flaunt a million dollar smile thanks to the number of cosmetic dental procedures mushrooming all over the country. These include fillings, crowns, dental bridges, implants and of course, porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are the last and final resort for people who want to change the look and appearance of their teeth and get a beautiful smile.

In this, thin, custom-made shells are prepared to cover the outer surface of the teeth. Dental veneers are put to correct cosmetic problems like crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, stained teeth and teeth with gaps. Despite the benefits, they also have some side effects, which need to be studied in detail. Let us see some of the side effects.

Dental Veneers and their Side Effects

Colour Irregularities

It requires the hands of an experienced cosmetic dental surgeon to give you the right coloured veneers. The colour of the veneer is dependent on the bonding substance used, the colour of the veneer as well as the tooth. It requires a keen eye to get all these points factored in to give you perfectly coloured veneers.

Top Side Effects Of Dental Veneers

A less than ideal dentist may attach veneers that give the teeth colour irregularities. Over time, some types of dental veneers develop marked discolouration on the teeth especially if there is excessive moisture present on the biting edges or if the dentist overlooks the moisture content while sealing the veneers. This can make the pigment of the veneers change.

Chipped and Decayed Teeth

Fallout of an inexperienced cosmetic dentist is the improper placement of the veneers. This can cause the veneers to get chipped, cracked and subsequently decayed. Some veneers have not been smoothed out which makes their edges to be a little rough. This can make it difficult to floss the teeth as the floss tends to be caught at the jagged edges.

If the veneer is rough at the gums, it can also cause gum irritation and infection. Chipping is common when the veneers are placed too tightly at the edge of the teeth. If the surface of the teeth has not been toned down before placing the veneers, the veneers can appear very thick and unrealistic. Anyone would know that you have got dental work done.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is another common problem with dental veneers. This happens because the dentists have to remove a considerable amount of enamel from the tooth in order to place the dental veneer. At times too much of the enamel is mistakenly removed. This gives rise to exposure of the dental pulp, which can make it die.

Excessive tooth sensitivity can make the person feel acutely uncomfortable especially when he/she has to consume hot or cold foods. If there is a requirement of the tooth enamel to be removed, then it is also necessary to have a crown put on the tooth first in order to protect it from tooth sensitivity.

Damage to the Veneers

Some people make lousy candidates for veneers because they do not take care of them and also have poor oral habits. Teeth grinding for instance can make the veneer chip or break and this can lead to problems with your teeth like sensitivity. Veneers are not all that tough. If you bite down on something really tough like ice, you could break or chip a veneer. That would mean that hundreds of dollars spent on expensive veneers have just gone down the drain.

It is Permanent

Since veneers are bonded and then attached to the teeth, they are very permanent. Once you have them placed, they cannot be removed. In addition, a sufficient amount of tooth enamel has been removed in order to have that veneer placed. Removing it would entail a lot of damage to your teeth. That is why patients should carefully consider the procedure before going in for it.

They are Expensive to Maintain

Veneers are some of the most expensive cosmetic dental procedures. They require scrupulous care. A minor chip cannot be left alone. It has to be replaced or repaired. Repairing and replacing broken veneers is a very costly affair. Only patients with time and money on their hands can afford this expensive procedure.

Following Good Oral Hygiene

Many patients are not very good at following oral hygiene. This can make the procedure to be less effective for them.

Top Side Effects Of Dental Veneers

Veneers entail a lot of good oral care like regular cleaning, brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning. Proper care and maintenance can only ensure their longevity. Otherwise, you will find yourself sitting in the dentist’s chair very often.

Veneers are Ineffective for Severely Crooked Teeth

It is important to remember that veneers are used more for their aesthetic appeal than anything else. They cannot correct crowded teeth or a tooth that is severely misaligned. For this, braces and wires are a better option.

Broken teeth

If the teeth have badly broken or chipped in an accident, then dental veneers are not a very good option. Then dental crowns or minor re-bonding is a better option than veneers.

Not Effective for Badly Discoloured Teeth

The procedure for dental veneers is not very good for badly discoloured teeth. If the underlying tooth is very yellow or horribly discoloured, then putting a veneer is not going to disguise the discolouration at all.

Gum Problems

If the veneers are too close to the surface of the problem, there could be possible gum irritation. Not only this but the size of the veneers could lead to gum swelling and pain. If food particles or debris is stuck in between the gum and the lining of the veneer, this could lead to a severe gum infection, which will make you land up right back into the dentist’s chair.

Top Side Effects Of Dental Veneers

For this reason, patients are asked to follow good hygiene. Despite the side effects, veneers have given people brand new smiles and beautiful appearances. They are most certainly a popular choice for improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Neha Chaturvedi