4 Top Common Problems Of Pediatric Dental Health

Common Problems Of Pediatric Dental Health

Problems Of Pediatric Dental Health

Most of the people in this modern day world are having a good awareness about dental hygiene. Even after having good awareness about the hygiene, some of the people have failed to take good care of their tooth.

The dental health or hygiene is important for all people at all ages but especially children. Failing to maintain a good dental health in children would lead to many problems.

The problems that bad pediatric health will lead to are cavities, swollen or red gums, tooth loss, bad breath and even other diseases. Some of the diseases that can enter due to poor maintenance of tooth are bleeding gums, cardiovascular diseases, pancreatic cancer, pneumonia, arthritis and dementia in kids at a very tender age.

Increasingly the doctors and researches show that dental health is directly linked with heart attacks and respiratory infections. Below given are the common problems caused by poor dental health in

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Caries In Kids

Caries In Kids

One of the common problems in toddlers is the childhood caries. This is also called as baby bottle tooth decay. This is caused by regular usage of sugars in milk, sweets and fruit juices. Even the mother’s milk can cause caries.

The sugars present in these foods may sometimes stay on the teeth, resulting in bacteria accumulation and this starts the process of tooth decay. It is seen that irregular cleaning or rinsing of the mouth with water after food drastically increases the tooth decay in kids. Caries have been seen to be caused very easily in kids.

Harm To Teeth Enamel And Erosion Of Teeth

Kids Eat lots of chocolates

Regular usage of carbonated fruit juice can cause acid erosion over the tooth. The erosion can happen over the thin covering or enamel of the teeth, causing discomfort and pain. When kids do not take care of teeth and eat lots of chocolates or junk food, the enamel in teeth reduces and teeth erode gradually. Due to improper pediatric health, the enamel of teeth reduces and the teeth fall weak. It would hurt the kids when they would eat anything too sweet or cold, or something that is a bit tough to chew.

Problems Of Plaque In Kids

Problems Of Plaque In Kids

Poor pediatric health and improper cleaning of the teeth and gums will lead to plaque formation over teeth and in between the spaces between teeth, this will lead to teeth problems like formation of cavities and teeth decaying and eventually will damage the tooth from the root itself.

Plaque, when formed, harms the teeth intensively. They not only make the teeth look bad but also make them hollow from inside and, thus, weak, as well.

Gum Infections In Kids

Gum Infections In Kids

When the kids eat something very spicy or food that is hard on teeth right from a young age, their gums get affected adversely. They also get problems of burning sensation over the gums or bleeding in them. Gum, once infected, may lead to the removal of the tooth if the problem has aggravated. This will leave dental problems in kids for a very long period of time.