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Top 6 Causes Of Gums Swollen Around Tooth

By on August 4, 2012

Top 6 Causes Of Gums Swollen Around ToothSwollen gums are one of the most common conditions in dental hygiene. They are also one of the most discomforting conditions causing inflammation and pain in the gums. Swelling in the gum has been classified into two types by dentists – swelling in the fibroid tissues and swelling from abscessed teeth. Swollen gums appear red and bulging to the eye. In order to treat swollen gums, it is first necessary to identify the causes of swelling of gums around teeth. Listed below are few such causes:

Common Causes of Gums Swollen Around Tooth

Inadequate Oral Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the chief cause of dental diseases including swollen gums. Not brushing regularly or not rinsing your mouth after every meal will lead to lodgment of food in the gums. The food particles degenerate into bacteria and cause infection in the form swollen gums.

Infected gums become the breeding ground for further growth of bacteria, thus aggravating the condition. So when you brush teeth, it is important to ensure that bristles reach the inter dental gums or the gums in between teeth. At the same time, remember not to brush too hard; this causes bleeding of gums and consequent swelling in the area.

Unhealthy Food

Top 6 Causes Of Gums Swollen Around Tooth

Most people tend to consume refined food nowadays. These types of foods are made with high quantity of sugar. The sugar settles on the gums and causes periodontal diseases like swelling of gums. Moreover, refined food does not require much chewing. This leads to weakening of the gums.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is the most essential nutrient to maintain oral hygiene. This nutrient helps maintain color of gums, it helps to heal cuts and other wounds that may have affected the gums, strengthens immune system and also reduces pain in the gums. Inadequate vitamin C in daily diet will lead to all the above ailments and thus cause swelling in the gums.

Ill Fitting Braces

Some people have to use braces to restore the shape of teeth. The crowns fabricated for the purpose are often too tight, thus putting too much pressure on the gums. This leads to irritation in the gums and subsequent swelling and inflammation in the area. In the same way, dental bridges and dentures also cause swollen gums.

Use of Tobacco

Top 6 Causes Of Gums Swollen Around Tooth

Tobacco in any form, like smoking or chewing, will cause gums swollen around teeth. Nicotine present in tobacco causes a chemical reaction when coming in contact with saliva and causes inflammation in the gums.

Medicines and Drugs

The side effects of many medicinal drugs are manifested in the form of swollen gums. Some drugs that have been identified as causing swelling of gums around teeth are diltiazem, felodipine, amlodipine and phenytoin. Use of these drugs leads to a dental condition called idiopathic hypertrophy which causes gum inflammation.

Teeth Infection

Sometimes the root of swollen gums lies in infected teeth. Bacteria settled on the teeth start attacking the gums causing pain and inflammation. Pockets of bacteria settled on the gums cause bleeding and swelling.


This is a thin layer of impurities settling on teeth enamel due to irregular brushing. Plaque becomes the breeding ground of bacteria that gradually reach the gums and cause swelling.

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