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Tooth Infection Symptoms

By on May 24, 2012

Tooth Infection SymptomsTooth infection is also referred to ‘Root abscess’ or ‘Tooth abscess’. Tooth infection is formed due to tooth decay. It is a swelling filled with pus. The infection is not only caused by bacteria by also due to poor dietary and oral habits. Tooth infection when ignored may lead to tooth loss.

So it is very important to know the symptoms of tooth infection and get it treated at an early stage. Healthy oral habits like brushing the teeth twice daily, flossing once a day and using mouth wash helps to prevent tooth infection.

Types Of Dental Infection

There are two types of tooth infections

Periapical infection’ is developed within the tooth pulp

Periodontal infection’ is developed surrounding bones and tissues

Causes Of Tooth Infection

Tooth infection may be caused by bacteria, poor oral habits, smoking, dry mouth or hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Tooth Infection

Tooth Pain

A mild discomfort when chewing food is an early symptom of an infected tooth. ‘Periodontal ligament’ is a ligament that surrounds the root surfaces containing nerve fibers. This causes nerve fibers inflammation. Chewing the food puts additional pressure on the infected nerves causing acute pain.

Symptoms Of Tooth Infection

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Gums and bones around the infected tooth get swollen. Prolonged sensitivity when drinking or eating any hot or cold items is an indication of tooth inflammation. If the pain persists for a prolonged duration after taking hot or cold items, it is an indication that you need dental care. Also ensure that the pain is persistent even during the night time.


When a tooth gets infected, gum tissues around the tooth start swelling. Swelling will resemble a balloon full of water or a rigid boil. The fluid pressure below the gum punctures the gum and the infected fluid drains.

The swelling may spread to face and the neck glands. This enlargement or swelling of lymph nodes is a defensive mechanism of the body to combat infection. Infection will not subside until it is treated.


Sometimes tooth infection may be accompanied with increase in body temperature, when the pain is acute and left untreated.

tooth infection symptoms

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Gum Inflammation

Plague is a sticky film that contains bacteria. Plague causes gum diseases like gingivitis due to inflammation to the gums. When the plague gets hardened it is called as calculus or tartar.

When the tartar is formed under the gum line, it causes inflammation. The gum may change color from pink to red or bluish red. Teeth seem to be longer associated with receding gums.

White Spots

Acid produced by the bacteria dissolves the hard enamel. White spots are formed on the early stages. Decay of tooth can be identified by means of X-ray and other checkups. When white spots are ignored, it may develop into cavity.

Many people tend to ignore tooth pain when it fades away in a couple of days. This means that your body has fought with the infection and it is temporarily solved. The problem may come back at any time and it is advisable to go for a dental check up immediately.

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