5 Tips For Cleaning The Retainer

Tips For Cleaning The Retainer

Tips For Cleaning The Retainer

Wearing retainer is very important for those who have undergone the treatment of tooth correction. As they are required to maintain the stable position of teeth that has been acquired with prolonged treatment.  But simultaneously proper hygienic care of retainer is also very important.

Retainer is placed into mouth and when we eat or drink small particles stick on retainer and attracted germs and that turned into the plaque. If retainer contains plaque then it will be unhygienic condition for you and may create tooth decay and bad breath. Therefore, proper cleaning of retainer is required so plaque can be removed and to keep hygiene.  Cleaning of retainer will take only few minutes and will make you feel fresh all the day.

How To Clean A Retainer

For cleaning retainer follow the instruction of our orthodontist. Following are information which will be helpful to understand some tips so you can get advantage of this.

Brushing The Retainer

Brushing a retainer is as simple as brushing your teeth. Brush the retainer gently and thoroughly for 2 minutes or more with good tooth brush and paste. Do not forget to brush retainer daily for twice.

Electronic brush will give good result if you are having this then you must try on your retainer. Brushing your retainer will take less cost and save your time.

Brushing The Retainer

Socking The Retainer

After brushing retainer socking into the bowl of mouthwash will give good result. Sock the retainer in good quality mouthwash for at least 1o minutes will kills the germs present in you retainer and not only this your retainer will smell goods and you will feel fresh while place onto your teeth.

However, you may use branded retainer clear available in the market, but read the instruction carefully while using the retainer cleaner or tablet. Procedure will be same you just have to sock the retainer into the bowl of retainer cleanser for at least 15 minutes and take it back and  remove the particles on retainer with brush and and rinse with warm and it will be ready to use.

Socking The Retainer

Wipes Or Spraying The Retainer

If you are very busy person and having no time for socking or brushing, then retainer ready to use spray will be good choice for you.

Just spray the solution thoroughly into the retainer and wipe with clean germ free cloth or brush it and it will be ready to wear.

Spraying The Retainer

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Checking The Retainer

After cleaning the retainer, you must check it thoroughly that tiny particles are still exist or removed. If it is found then clean again with brush and keep it germs free.

Checking The Retainer

Keeping The Retainer

After cleaning the retainer it must be placed into teeth and should not be kept out for long period, if it happen then you are required to clean the retainer again.

Keeping The Retainer

If retainer is not in use then it must is keep safely into the case, do not keep the retainer without case other may become useless. Keep the retainer out of reach of pets in your house also. Cleaning and keeping retainer germs free will improve your oral hygiene.