The Various Pros & Cons Of Spinning Toothbrushes For Kids

Pros & Cons Of Spinning Toothbrushes

Pros & Cons Of Spinning Toothbrushes

Though electronic tooth brushes are available since many years, they have come a long way with the help of improved technology and science. Spinning tooth brushes are highly popular in preventing the gum diseases and cavities in the tooth and are known to offer good results.

If you are planning to gift your child a spinning tooth brush then it is essential for you to understand the various pros & cons of spinning toothbrushes for kids to get a thorough understanding about the product and then decide whether to buy your kid one or not.

Pros Of Spinning Toothbrushes For Kids

Effective Removal Of Plaque

Effective Removal Of Plaque

When compared to other tooth brushes, spinning tooth brushes have a reputation for their effective cleaning of plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar. The symmetrical head of the tooth brushes with the spinning action makes sure that the circular movement removes all the germ and bacterial build up in your kid’s mouth.

Less Chances Of Abrasion In The Teeth

Sensitivity to hot & cold foods

The motion of the spinning tooth brush for kids is set in such a way that there is no strong impact on the teeth surface and ensures only a mild impact to clean the teeth is offered. This makes sure that the enamel of the teeth is unharmed and the abrasion is minimal.

This will also prevent the teeth from extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Also it prevents the gums from eroding the sensitive cementum that lies beneath the gum line.

Delivers Better Amount Of Fluoride

Delivers Better Amount Of Fluoride

The mechanism of the spinning tooth brush for kids is designed in such a way that it offers better fluoride levels and improves the tooth quality. This is also not present in other manual regular tooth brushes. This is because concentrating on a tooth more and another tooth in a less way is avoided.

Added Features, Like Pressure Sensors

Added Features

There are various additional features, such as built in timer, UV sterilizers, pressure sensors and various spinning speeds for effective brushing experience for your kids.

The beep from the timer will ensure that the kids will keep on brushing until the alarm goes on. Some are also designed with animated characters to impress your children and to make their brushing time more enjoyable.

Cons Of Spinning Toothbrushes For Kids

Very Expensive Option

Very Expensive Option

Even though it is a form of investment to maintain the wellness of oral hygiene for your kids, finding replaceable heads every now and one is very expensive. If you are opting to buy a lesser priced heads for replacing the previous spinning heads, then it might not suit the body of the spinning brush and would prevent smooth brushing experience. Also the cheap options also have an overheating problem which is not advisable.

Break Easily

Break Easily

Kids have a tendency to drop the spinning tooth brushes on floor easily and this might cause severe damage to the brush and its head. Finding a replacement for it is an expensive option. Also this might also have a tendency to run out of battery soon.

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