5 Steps To Brushing And Flossing For Kids

Brushing And Flossing For Kids

Brushing & Flossing For Kids

It is very important on your part as parents, to take care of your kid’s dental conditions at least till the age of six. After the age of six, kids are able to do the proper brushing and flossing by themselves but before that, you need the patience to guide your kid with proper brushing and flossing because proper dental care will ensure the removal of plaque and bacteria.

Plaque and bacteria results from the accumulation of food particles in gums and between teeth and if left unremoved may cause teeth and gum problems in your child. This makes proper brushing and flossing indispensable for your child. Here are some simple steps that you can follow for ensuring proper brushing and flossing for your child:

Brushing And Flossing Tips For Kids

Choosing The Brush


The brushes for adults and children are obviously different because in kids, the gum is more delicate and so are the teeth. Any brush with hard bristles will make your kid’s gum sore with its hardness.

It is also important to choose a flexible toothbrush. A toothbrush with flexible neck will help you to reach the insides of your kid’s teeth where most of the food particles accumulate and thus will help you clean it better.


herbal toothpaste

Your child has delicate gum and teeth and so they will be susceptible to catch side effects from toothpaste with too much fluoride content. It is better if you use herbal toothpaste or fluoride free toothpaste so that your child’s gum and teeth are less exposed to chemicals. Moreover, kids have a tendency to swallow toothpaste and so if the paste has fluoride in it, it might cause fluorosis in future.

Toothpaste Amount

toothpaste on brush

It is a common misconception that using more toothpaste cleans better. However, more is not better and hence for actually good results you should use little amount toothpaste when you start brushing your kid’s teeth. Too much toothpaste will give you too much froth making it difficult for you to see where the brush is reaching.

Moreover, too much toothpaste may also lead to white or brown spots in the permanent teeth. Use toothpaste amount as small as the fingernail of your kid’s little finger as long as he/she is one year old. As he/she grows, the amount of toothpaste use can grow as well.



Hold the brush at roughly forty five degree angle from the gum line and brush your kid’s teeth gently in a circular motion. Bend the brush slightly and brush the inside of each tooth and brush the chewing surface of the teeth with a forward and backward motion. Also use the tip of the toothbrush to bush behind each front tooth both top and bottom. Finally complete brushing by very gently brushing the tongue and gum line.



This is a very important part of your kid’s dental routine because flossing helps to remove the plaque and food particles caught between teeth and thus prevents cavities. For flossing your child’s teeth without a floss holde take some inches of floss and then wrap the ends of the floss around each of your middle fingers.

Slowly slide the floss between teeth using your thumb as guide and in a saw-like motion, clean the between-teeth area. For cleaning the gum area, warp the floss around one tooth in a C shape and move it up and down to clean the gum area around that tooth. Repeat this for the next tooth and so on.