Stage Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery Procedures

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery

If your gums and teeth are not in good condition and causing lot of mental distress, pain and embarrassment which could be because of any reason possible. This can be a result even after regular brushing and flossing, lack of dental hygiene and unhealthy habits can be cause of plaque and harmful bacteria buildup. Advanced stage of gum disease and tooth decay cannot be reversed and needs professional treatment.

Initial Assessment

Digital X rays

A reliable dental clinic can assist you with full mouth reconstruction to bring back the lost smile and improved oral health but that needs to be assessed during your visit where a careful examination is performed. It begins with traditional cleaning followed by digital X-rays. Every single tooth is inspected, gum line, bite and other problems are checked upon.

And you might need a full mouth reconstruction in case of pain in jaw, muscles, headache or occlusion. If someone has lost their teeth because of decay or trauma or have been fracture in an accident then also a reconstruction can help. At times teeth get severely worn because of tooth grinding or acid erosion due to bacteria, acid reflux or beverages.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental Bridges & Crowns

Full mouth reconstruction is also popular as full mouth restoration that is an intense process of rebuilding or repairing both upper and the lower jaws simultaneously. Various dental treatments are a part of this reconstruction such as dental bridges, veneers and crowns in but severe cases orthodontics, periodontists, oral surgeons and cosmetic surgeon are also contacted.

The Process of Reconstruction

If the dentist thinks that a patient needs a reconstruction then the extent of the problem is examined and treatment plan are made to rectify it.



The condition of teeth is the most visible of all and is corrected with full coverage crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays, onlays, implants that is restored with a crown and bridges. All this is done keeping in mind the decay, cavity, cracks, tooth wear and root canal problem.

Gum Tissues

Root planing and scaling

Unhealthy gums are treated with root planing and scaling. It is important to treat periodontal diseases as weak gums will not be able to give strength to to the newly constructed teeth.

A periodontist plans an intensive treatment that behaves as a solid foundation and this could include bone grafting or repairing of soft tissues to even build up of new jaw bone. It is important for a dentist to carefully look for damaged gum tissues, deep pockets, bone density and other dental irregularities.



The dentist check for crossbite and make sure that there is no problem in chewing or the patient is not going through any kind of pain. An unstable bite can be can not only be painful but also lead to wearing of teeth. The full mouth restoration plan also includes correcting occlusal. Procedures like bite reprogramming or night guard need to be performed before the restorative procedures.



The shape, size, proportion and color of your teeth and how it appears in comparison to your mouth, lips, gums, face etc makes a lot of difference while initiating reconstruction treatment. Once every information is collected by the dentist the treatment plan is designed and the dentist must explain the procedure thoroughly to the patient.

Procedures Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A team of specialists and dentist work together and they determine the exact procedure for every case. The dentist will guide you through all the procedures that would be part of your mouth restoration and it might have multiple phases and numerous office visits. The time involved in the whole procedure depends on the severity and the need of the patients.

Procedures that could be part of your full mouth restoration are periodontal care and prophylactic care followed by an orthognatic surgery to reposition the jaw line. The dentist might feel the need of crown lengthening so that the healthy tooth structure can be exposed and crowning can be fixed properly.

At times gum tissues are contoured to create a balance between your teeth and smile. Prior preparations are made for dental bridge, veneers, crown and temporary restorations are placed so that the patient can get used to the feel of new teeth before the final restoration.

Cross bite is treated for which ceramic or metal is used or both in combination. At times braces are used to move the optimal position of the teeth before reconstruction. Missing teeth are replaced with implants and these implants get strength from soft tissue or bone grafting.

Smile Makeover V/s Full Mouth Reconstruction

Smile Makeover

Many people think of it to be same but there is a slight difference between the two. Smile makeover is what you choose to improve your smile while a full mouth reconstruction is what you are need of.

There is only a thin line between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction is something that you would not take just for good looks that it offers but form the durability and the functionality part as well. Though the procedure involved are same but clinically approved techniques are made use of for the long term stability of full mouth reconstruction.

Cost of full Mouth Reconstruction

Cost of full Mouth Reconstruction

Every reconstruction case is a unique one, a full mouth reconstruction will usually involve implant or repair of all teeth while improving the health of the gums. This produce is complicate and involves expertise where an estimated cost of single tooth reconstruction could fall up to $700 to $1500.

The charges of other produces involved like crown lengthening, oral surgery, periodontal treatment etc could be additional. Approximate cost of full mouth reconstruction can be something near around $30,000 to $45,00 or even more.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Some part of full mouth reconstruction involved might be covered in the insurance policy but not entirely yet you can get some benefit. It all depends on the treatment plan and diagnosis offered by your dentist and completely depend on your insurance whether it covers the same or not. Third party financing is also available at times at the dental clinic to make the treatment affordable for you.