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Sinus Cavity Problems And Tooth Extraction

By on May 10, 2012

What prevents the lungs from dirt, dust and other airborne particles? It is the sinus cavity – an empty space inside the head. Sinus cavity is actually a supple tissue that is protected by a mucus lining.

Sinus Cavity Problems And Tooth Extraction


The right side of the face has 4 sinus cavities and the left side has another 4 sinus cavities. Sinus cavity is highly sensitive and hence is often associated with various respiratory issues. One such issue is sinusitis that is caused by inflammation of sinus cavity.

Sinus Cavity Problems And Tooth Extraction

Sinus Blockages

Each of the 8 sinus cavities has an ‘ostium’, a narrow spot, which accounts for drainage. Blockage in ostium of a sinus leads to respiratory problems.

Extra Sinus

One in ten people has an extra sinus. This extra sinus narrows down the transition space called ‘ostium’.

Deviated Nasal Septum

The nasal septum is the thin wall composed of cartilage and bones that separates one nasal passage from the other. Most people have a displaced nasal septum, either because of genetic problems or injury, and have one nasal passage bigger than the other. This results in snoring and other breathing problems.

Narrow Sinuses

Differences in human anatomy result in longer transition space. This is purely genetic.

Sinus Allergies

Sensitivity to surrounding things and certain foods cause blood vessel dilation in some people’s nose. In some cases, certain chemicals are released that cause swelling. Allergies are of much concern because they enable the sinus cavity to drain faster than normal.

Sinus Cavity Problems And Tooth Extraction

Source: http://chrisfranko.hubpages.com/hub/Sinus-Pressure-Troubles-and-how-I-Fixed-it-with-out-Antibiotics

Sometimes when an upper molar tooth is extracted, people may experience similar sinus cavity problems. This happens because roots of teeth by old age (by 50 years of age) grow into sinus cavity and extraction of the tooth damage the connecting sinus cavity.

It can also cause holes in the sinus cavity that would invite infections. So, people should be careful and consult the matter with doctor. Doctors during tooth implants recommend ‘sinus lift’ to avoid sinus cavity problem.

Prevention And Treatment Of Sinus Cavity

Sinus cavity problems can be easily alleviated with the help of some simple home remedies.

Apply Warm Cloth

Applying warm washcloth onto your face at short intervals every day open up transition spaces and hence keep sinus cavity problems at bay. Warm cloth loosens the mucus thereby draining the sinus cavities.

Increase Water Intake

You should also drink plenty of water to keep the mucus lining thin.

Steam Bath

Inhaling steam or using nasal saline spray several times a day is also helpful. You can also wash your nose with a solution of salt water.


Humidifiers moisten the air surrounding you so that when you breathe it, it opens up the sinuses. Using humidifiers is highly recommended for people living in dry climate.

Avoid Allergy Triggers

Allergy-related sinus cavity problems can easily be alleviated by avoiding allergy triggers. Some common foods associated with sinus cavity problems are dairy products, processed sugars and caffeinated beverages.


Allergy-related sinus cavity problems can be alleviated with antihistamines. You can also wash your nose with a solution of salt water.

 treatment for sinus cavity


A good massage on the chest and neck area proves helpful in alleviating sinus cavity problems. Combination of the right essential oils makes it more effective. Mix five drops each of rosemary and geranium oils with two drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus oil. You can also add some grapeseed oil to make it more effective. Acupressure is also a helpful remedy for sinus problems.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea boosts one’s immune system and hence alleviates sinus cavity problems. Ginger tea, lemon tea, etc. are of big help in this case.


Sinus cavity problems should be immediately addressed as they can lead to infection in other parts such as ears, throat and the brain. A person may have to be hospitalized if his/her immune system completely fails. Sinus holes heal with time but might require surgery in severe cases.

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