Role And Responsibility Of Extreme Makeover Dentist

Functions Of Extreme Makeover Dentist

Functions Of Extreme Makeover Dentist

A beautiful smile must be everyone’s wish in his or her life. In fact, it determines the whole facial appearance of a person. But any kind of dental disease can mar your personality and hence, you would need a professional who can prevent such teeth disorders. An extreme makeover dentist holds the responsibility of bringing back your bright smile by using various kinds of treatments.

The dentist not only focuses on your teeth but also restore your complete facial appearance. One has to go through a broad training in cosmetic dentistry to become a professional extreme makeover dentist.

Functions Of Extreme Makeover Dentist

The work of an extreme makeover dentist is not just limited to treatment rather the professional also treats the patients as an adviser. Therefore, the major functions of this specialist can be summarized as follow:

Treatment Of Misalignment


Your beautiful smile could be badly affected due to the dental problem of misalignment of your teeth. If you are suffering from this problem, then you should approach your extreme makeover dentist as soon as possible.

The specialist will suggest you an orthodontic surgery to bring a lovely smile on your face once again. In case your misalignment problem is not big enough, the dentist can also look for options like porcelain veneers.

Treatment Of Facial Appearance

oral maxillofacial surgery

The functions of an extreme makeover dentist also include the treatment of an individual’s facial appearance. The fall out of the teeth can put bad impact on your overall facial appearance. To prevent you from such undesired condition, the dentist suggests you to have an oral maxillofacial surgery, which is an intrinsic division of smile makeover treatment. By this surgery, you can achieve much better facial appearance as you were desired for.

Treatment Of Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth or tooth gaps is the severe dental problem that can affect the entire look of an individual. In fact, the missing teeth can cause the problem of tooth decay which can further devastate the alignment of the teeth.

In order to remove this dental disease, you have to visit your extreme makeover dentist who will do treatment through various options like dental implant, partial denture and dental bridge. Your bright smile will be definitely back through these procedures of the specialist.

Treatment Of Tooth Shape

Porcelain veneers

The role of an extreme makeover dentist also consists of small dental problems that are affecting the shape of a tooth. The specialist uses the procedure of porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding to bring back the tooth to its actual size and of course, a dazzling smile on your lovely face.

Treatment Of Tooth Color

teeth discoloration

Another major function of an extreme makeover dentist is treating the discoloration of a tooth. Just like missing teeth, a discolored tooth can also affect the facial appearance of a person and thus the guidance from such a dental professional becomes more essential.

The dentist chooses a color as per your appearance and applies the procedure of in-office teeth whitening. Apart from this procedure, the specialist also does the treatment of tooth color while performing dental crowns, bonding and porcelain veneers.

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