Reinstate Your Smile With Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures

The procedure of permanent dentures is an excellent way of replacing the natural teeth, which have been damaged by an injury or bad oral conditions. This treatment option is vital to restore natural teeth and to improve the chewing capacity and speaking utility of the mouth.

The patients also use this procedure to keep the good condition of their oral tissues and remaining healthy teeth. However, one of the main features of permanent dentures is that they are applicable for both the elder people and the younger ones who primarily prefer to use dental implants. So what are you thinking for? Just opt for permanent dentures to regain natural teeth and a bright smile on your face.

Procedure Of Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are also referred to as hybrid dentures, over dentures or telescopic dentures. They are the perfect means for fixing the tooth and implants in the mouth of the patients. The specialized dentists apply the permanent dentures according to a step-by-step procedure, which is mentioned below.



The treatment of applying permanent dentures starts with an early examination of the present situation of the patient’s teeth. In the course of this examination, the dentist can inspect whether your teeth require fixed dentures or not.

An early examination of the patient’s teeth assists the dentist to check any gum disease or infection in the tooth before preparing for the procedure of applying permanent dentures.

Preparation For Dentures’ Placement


The next step into the treatment of permanent dentures is the preparation by the professional dentists. The specialist takes x-rays or CT scan of the jawbone of the patients to make a model of it. Taking the impression of the jawbone allows the dentist to plan the whole dental procedure for the patients and to decide where to put the dental implants as required by the condition of their teeth.

The model of jawbone is sent to the laboratory where the final teeth are prepared and then they are placed by the dentist where the dental implants have been placed.

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Placement Of Implants


After doing early examination and preparation for placing the permanent dentures, the specialized dentist starts the placement of dental implants in the jaw of the patient. This process is started by giving the local anesthesia to the patient and then the specialist places dental implants in his or her jaw.

Once the placement of dental implants is completed, the dentist applies the final permanent dentures to the jaw and with that the entire procedure of permanent dentures comes to an end.

Evaluation Of Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures

There are many advantages of permanent dentures which keep them above dental implants. These fixed dentures are considered as cheaper when we compare them with implants. Besides that, they won’t take too much time of the patient as this procedure can be done in few appointments with the dentists.

But at the same time, permanent dentures also face criticism by some professional dentists because according to them, such permanent dentures may remain forever to the jaw but they are not able to provide long-term solution to the patients. As a patient, you have to visit the dentist on regular basis to refit the dentures.

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