5 Professional Services Of Pediatric Oral Surgeon

Pediatric Oral Surgeon

Services Of Pediatric Oral Surgeon

Pediatric oral surgeons are the dental professionals who perform intrinsic and curative treatments for infants and children suffering from craniofacial disorders. The professionals are well qualified and skillful dentists who are used to curing a range of pediatric oral surgical problems such as teeth exposure, extra teeth, missing teeth, facial trauma and many more.

Pediatric oral surgeons have the experience in conveying children about the treatment and using proper anesthetic or surgery to a particular child. These specialized dentists are equipped with all the required equipments, which are adequate to offer complete range of sedation and anesthesia treatments to the patients.

Services & Specialties Of Pediatric Oral Surgeons

In order to provide comprehensive treatment for patients, the dentists perform services which are also their specialties. These are:

Treating Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma

The services of the pediatric oral surgeons also do the treatment of facial trauma. It is also considered as maxillofacial injuries, which are happened to the face, jaw and mouth of the patient. These injuries can happen due to an accident or any sports mishap. Fractures to the upper jaw, lower jaw, palate, cheekbones and the related bones are also causes of facial trauma. The specialists cure the problem of facial trauma through a basic process from preparation via x-rays and impressions to surgery.

Treating Dental Disorders

Dental Disorders

The work criterion of pediatric oral surgeons also involves the treatment of various dental disorders such as pulpitis, caries, dental appliances, gingivitis, periodontitis diseases, temporomandibular disorders and several kinds of dental emergencies.

These dental disorders are being generated through various symptoms like infection, stomatitis, halitosis and bruxism. These specialized surgeons treat these dental ailments after examining the condition of the patient.

Treating Dental Anomalies

stained teeth

The disorder of dental anomalies is referred to as craniofacial abnormalities of the shape, function and position of the teeth. This problem can further cause several others ailments such as missing or stained teeth. The patient with dental anomalies can also suffer from environmental, nutritional and traumatic diseases. The treatment for the dental anomalies is done by the professional pediatric oral surgeons who use various dental methods such as tooth extraction, dentures, implants and other surgical techniques.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

Difficulty in swallowing, biting food, problem of receding thin, chronic jaw, open bite, protruding jaw and many more generate the necessity of corrective jaw surgery, which is also known as orthognathic surgery.

Pediatric oral surgeons do this surgery with the intention of curing these severe dental problems by correcting common Dentofacial Deformities, an open bite, protruding lower jaw and receding lower jaw of the patients. Corrective jaw surgery helps to move the patient’s teeth and jaws into the desired position.

Treating Cleft Lip And Palate

Cleft Lip & Palate

Pediatric oral surgeons also perform the treatment of cleft lip and palate. They are the birth flaws, which are generated when a lip or mouth of a baby cannot properly grow. Cleft lip and cleft palate are generally occurs during the time of pregnancy.

To treat this problem, pediatric oral surgeon performs a particular surgery to close the lip and palate of the child before the age of 12 months. Some children need additional surgeries and orthodontic care after the surgery, which will be suggested by these professionals.

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