Placement Of Braces By An Orthodontist

Braces By An Orthodontist

Placement Of Braces By Orthodontist

When one has decided for teeth alignment and visit to an orthodontist, but before you go and meet an orthodontist, some important facts you must be knowing that how braces works, how they are placed and which types of care required while placing the braces.

Braces does not make magic in moment but considerable period of time is required, so that braces may align the teeth. The  most important part is the placement of braces. If braces are properly placed, then certainly teeth will be aligned in accurate in proper format. Orthodontist will study the figure and positioning of each tooth and place the braces accordingly.

Placement Of Dental Braces By An Orthodontist

What is Braces


Braces are made with metal or special fiber or ceramic,  each individual portion of braces is attached with each tooth with the help of glue and all individual portions is combined with wire and over a period of time combination of wire and braces will align the teeth and after proper alignment done braces are removed from teeth.

How Braces Are Placed

Placing The Braces

Braces are made up with ceramic or metal. Now, invisible braces are also popular, as they are invisible and works perfectly and not only this, they can be removed before eating or brushing and after that they can be placed. An orthodontist will study the figure of your teeth and will place the braces accordingly. Each bracket of braces are placed in front side of tooth and in center position and then stick with special glue so brackets cannot displaced from the position.

How Wire Is Placed

How Wire Is Placed

Once braces are placed in teeth, a arch wire is used to support all the brackets.  Two separate wire are used, one is placed in front of the top teeth and another wire for bottom teeth and are placed onto the bracket.  Over a period of time the wire will pull  the teeth and  place them into correct position.

After the placement of braces, frequently visit is required to orthodontist, so he can check the progress of alignment and if required he can pull or loose the wire accordingly for the smooth functioning of braces.

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Requirement Of Retainer

Requirement Of Retainer

Retainer cannot be ignored, perhaps of most of patient do not care for this. However, retainer should be worn.  Once the treatment of braces is completed and your teeth are perfectly aligned then orthodontist may insist you to wear retainer. Retainer are not the braces but they will help the teeth alignment to retain in alignment position or otherwise your teeth may loose alignment and become crooked. So, wearing a retainer is most important.

Types Of Retainer

Fiber retainer

There are various types of retainer are available  such as metal, fiber or invisible, you may choose any of them which suits to your teeth and various colour option are also available.

But retainer are required to be kept all the time, it cannot be removed at least for 6 to 8 months. Your orthodontist will take decision and will ask you to remove retainer during the night and after that you  may remove and wear the retainer accordingly to the advise of orthodontics.