Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics

Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics

Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics

We all know that whenever we have problems related to our teeth we have to visit a dentist. But did you know that a General Dentist may not be able to offer and solve specialized dental problems? Two such specializations are discussed below.

Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics

Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics

Some dental problems encountered during childhood are to be dealt in a certain manner, this is where Pediatric Dentistry comes in and there is yet another specialized requirement for treating improper bite, teeth placement and other dental problems that is where orthodontics come in. So, let’s know what is Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics.

Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontist)


Pediatric dentistry formerly known as pedodontics or paedodontics concentrates on dealing with the complete therapeutic and preventive oral health requirements of children (that is from infants to adolescents). This includes treatments of all kinds and caters for oral health of children with special needs too.  A specialized treatment followed by therapy is required for this purpose.

How To Qualify As A Pediatric Dentist

Qualify As A Pediatric Dentist

Two to three years of special training after obtaining the dental doctoral degree is needed to qualify as a pediatric dentist. This includes knowledge and training in child psychology and development. Handling children as patients is not similar to treating an adult.

Pediatric dentistry teaches a dentist the art to treat children with specially designed equipments, patience.  A well decorated environment designed to make a child comfortable so that the child becomes a cooperative patient.

Role Of A Pediatric Dentist


The role of a pediatric dentist begins with preventive measures to save the teeth from caries. This includes nutrition and maintenance of oral hygiene. As the child enter the adolescence period appearance and looks are of prime importance and affect the confidence of the child. Restoring and corrective measures veneer, crowns, fluoride treatments which defend the teeth against caries and other damages, use of sealants when required is the kind of professional services required at this stage.

Treating pediatric periodontal disease, preventive measures like providing a mouth guard for children engaged in sports and other preventive measures to protect against gum disease is also included in the role of a Pediatric Dentist. Effects of tobacco and drugs may have to be highlighted by a Pedodontist for better prevention.



The word Orthodontics also known as orthodontia is derived from the Greek words “orthos” meaning perfect or straight and odous which means” tooth”.

This is a specialty of dentistry which deals with the study, diagnosis, preventing and treatment of tooth irregularities like malocclusions. It also deals with the neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities of orofacial structures.

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How To Qualify As An Orthodontist

Qualify As An Orthodontist

A two to four year specialized study is required to be undertaken by a dentist to qualify as an orthodontist which is over and above the dental degree. The number of years of specialization differs from country to country.

Role Of An Orthodontist

Dental Retainers

Facilitating proper bite and alignment and correcting dental displacement is managed by Orthodontics. Designing and placement of corrective aids like retainers, braces etc. are used for this purpose. Orthodontic also deals with the reconstructing of the entire face. Sometimes the role of an orthodontist may be to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

An average orthodontic treatment may take about two to three years but, treatments taken at an early stage may take a few months. When Orthodontics deals with the modification of facial growth it is called Dentofacial Orthopaedics.