Oral Care During Pregnancy

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Oral Care During Pregnancy

Dental care during pregnancy is very important for both mother and baby. This is because; during pregnancy the mother’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. These hormonal changes come with a risk of developing gum diseases in the mother and this is turn stands as a risk for the baby as well.

If the mother is affected by gum infection, then there is a high chance that the developing baby will get that infection. A dentist for pregnant woman is very essential to ensure proper gum and oral care the expecting woman. Some of the steps that an expecting woman should follow to maintain a good oral health during pregnancy are discussed here:

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Precautionary Measures

Dentist & pregnant woman

An expecting woman should convey the news of pregnancy to her dentist. This is essential because a dentist for pregnant woman will ensure that during the first trimester, second half of the third trimester, dental treatments are avoided. This is because, these times are critical for the baby’s development and exposing the pregnant woman to dental procedures might affect the baby’s growth and development in some way that is undesirable.

Medications And Dosage


A pregnant woman should tell her dentist all the medications that she has been prescribed and their dosage. She should also tell the dentist all the medical advices given to her by her consulting doctor.

This is necessary because based on this information; the dentist might need to change the plan of treatment. For example, some medicines like tetracycline might negatively affect the baby’s tooth development and it should not be prescribed during pregnancy.

Consistent Dental Checkups

Consistent Checkups

A dentist for pregnant woman will always suggest that an expecting woman should never skip the appointments for dental checkups. This is because, regular periodontal checkups or gum checkups are very important because during pregnancy, hormonal changes puts the expecting woman in a risk of periodontal gum disease and in cases of tender gums that have a tendency to bleed easily, there is also a risk of pregnancy gingivitis.

Avoiding Sugary Food

Sugar foods

Craving for sugary food is very common during pregnancy. However, an expecting woman should avoid sugary food during her pregnancy. This is because sugary foods are responsible for tooth decay. The sugar in the foods acts fast to create tooth decay.

The tooth decay takes place due to bacteria build up on teeth from the sugary snacks. Moreover accumulation of sugar in the teeth crevices leads to plaque formation and this also causes tooth decay. Studies have shown that this tooth infection and decay is passed on from the mother to the baby during pregnancy.

Balanced Diet

Balanced diet

It is very important for the expecting mother to consume a balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy, not only for her own nourishment but also for a good dental health of the baby. The baby’s teeth start developing in about three month’s time during pregnancy.

A healthy and balanced diet consisting of dairy products like cheese and yoghurt is good for the baby because these foods contain essential minerals that are important for developing the baby’s teeth and gums.