Lumibrite Teeth Whitening Procedure

Lumibrite Teeth Whitening

Lumibrite Teeth Whitening Procedure

Lumibrite teeth whitening procedure is an innovative, express and gentle way of brightening and enhancing your smile sans the typically experienced sensitivity of several other procedures.

Lumibrite Teeth Whitening Procedure

Lumibrite Teeth Whitening

Several shades in lesser than sixty minutes with the optional usage of ultraviolet rays or light.Lumibrite method has been clinically tested to brighten your teeth Original Lumibrite whitening gel coupled with the Desensitizing Enhancer gel gives excellent results without the teeth becoming uncomfortably sensitive. Furthermore, fluoride presence is an additional advantage as your pearly whites are shielded from decays as well as being eroded or demineralized.

Costing between four to five hundred dollars which isn’t covered by Dental Insurance, the effects of Lumibrite Whitening System could be noticed up to 6 months when proper maintenance advice is followed.

The procedure is contraindicated for kids below twelve years old, expectant as well as breastfeeding mothers. Moreover, people who are allergic or sensitive to peroxide must abstain from this Whitening procedure. Treatment results differ from person to person and outcomes are more effectual for some people as compared to others.

Pre-Procedure Preparatory Information


The dental practitioner would firstly perform a detailed inspection of the person’s gum and teeth areas to ascertain optimal oral health alongside information about dental sanitation and other lifestyle routines.

This would help in determining whether the person would actually be benefiting from undergoing this procedure. The presence of any existent dental appliances like veneer, crown, etc are evaluated as they fail in responding to traditionally used whitening products.

What to Expect

Lumibrite  system

Available in fruity and mint flavours, the Lumibrite  system has been created with hydrogen peroxide in varying strengths of 35, 32, 22 and 16 %. Based on the extent to which a person’s teeth are discoloured and the desired level of brightening outcomes, the procedure lasts anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

Professional teeth cleaning or prophylaxis is performed that entails removal of mineralized plaque or tartar and a thorough examination to check for any periodontal disease. When adequate preparation of teeth has been accomplished along with recording their existent shade then isolation of the gum and lip areas are done and moisturizing product slathered on the lips.

Application of the desensitizing gel then ensues and is allowed to set briefly (about sixty seconds). The dental practitioner then applies whitening gel to the tooth surface that faces the outside of the person’s mouth. Light-curing of teeth are then done if the usage of the Sapphire Supreme Light product has been done which is strongly advised as it further enhances the brightening effects.

Removal of the gel and rinsing of teeth are done once left on for thirty minutes. In case the required level of whitening is attained then another coat isn’t necessary. Otherwise, the dental practitioner would repeat the above steps. Subsequent to sufficient re-hydration of teeth the final shade of teeth are determined.

Post Procedure Maintenance Instructions

dark wines

The dental practitioner would advice steering clear of caffeinated beverages, dark aerated drinks, dark wines, soya sauce, mustard, reddish-coloured sauce and the use of any tobacco-based item since they could discolor teeth and lessen the whitening effects of the procedure. One must brush and floss after every meal and schedule regular teeth cleaning sessions.

Home Whitening

Home Whitening

For maintaining and maximizing the brightness of your teeth the dental practitioner might suggest using take-home whitening system by Lumibrite. However, one can additionally use the kit sans going for the Lumibrite in-office whitening procedure at the dentist’s clinic. The in-home kit comprises of whitening gel and a pair of customized trays, developed from teeth impressions which the dental practitioner takes.

Merely 3 minutes daily for up to a fortnight is necessary when applying the thirty-two percent strength formula while the sixteen and twenty-two percent strengths need a single or duo treatments left on for 60-90 minutes daily for up to a fortnight.