Know About The Best Way To Clean Toothbrushes

Ways To Clean Toothbrushes

Ways To Clean Toothbrushes

Brushing your tooth plays a vital part in maintaining the hygiene of your body. The process of brushing your tooth ensures that plaque or tartar caused by bacteria and germs that get accumulated with the food particles you eat daily, don’t form.

Even though brushing is vital to maintain your oral health, maintaining the health of your tooth brush as it is the breeding place of gems and bacteria. You should find a best way to clean toothbrushes as it helps to remove all the infection causing germs in it which might hinder your oral hygiene more especially your kids at home.

Way To Clean Toothbrushes

Clean Immediately

Clean Immediately

Soon after you finish brushing your teeth, make sure you clean your tooth brush thoroughly which eradicates all the bacteria and germs in the tooth brush. Hold your brush under the running faucet water to ensure that all the food particles and left over tooth paste are removed effectively.

Do not perform the cleansing action by rubbing the bristles of the tooth brush or wash them in a dish washer or heat it in the micro wave if you are of the idea that it would kill the germs present in it. The ADA or American Dental Association is of the opinion that such acts would spoil the tooth brushes as they cannot stand such force.

Soak In Antibacterial Mouthwash

Soak In Antibacterial Mouthwash

Soon after you rinse your tooth brush, ensure that you dip it in the anti bacterial mouth wash and let it remain soaked for about a minute to get rid of the germs if any that might remain hidden in the brush.

Then rinse again to remove mouth wash from the tooth brush. This is considered as the best way to clean toothbrushes.

Sanitizing Your Tooth Brush

Sanitizing Your Tooth Brush

Just rinsing your tooth brush in water alone is not enough. Sanitizing it will help to eradicate the presence any illness causing bacteria is essential to avoid it from spreading. Soak your tooth brush in anti bacterial solution or antiseptic solution overnight as it is the best way to clean toothbrushes. Then wash it off early morning to remove the traces of the soaked solution.

Soak Your Toothbrush In Hydrogen Peroxide

Soak Toothbrush In Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also try to soak your brushes in a solution of 3% hydrogen per oxide solution. You can pour capful of this solution which is more than enough to cover the bristles of your tooth brush. Make sure that you use fresh hydrogen per oxide solution to soak your tooth brush every day.

This is especially very useful if a member of your family suffers from a severe gum disease such as periodontal disease or gingivitis. You can perform this sanitizing procedure for every tooth brush in your household.

Make Use Of Commercial Cleaners

Make Use Of Commercial Cleaners

You can also make use of commercial cleaning products that you find on the advertisements but remember there are no certifications offered by ADA about the claims the products make. Choose those products that tell you that it can eradicate the growth of bacteria or germs and has the ability to sanitize your brushes. Also opt for a popular branded product as it is safer to invest.

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