How To Stop The Pain In A Tooth With A Cavity

Stop The Pain In A Tooth With A Cavity

Stop The Pain In A Tooth With A Cavity Cavities in teeth occur with age, bad eating habits and poor oral hygiene. A cavity can become worse and lead to widespread dental decay that can lead to pain in the tooth or toothache. The pain occurs when the cavity leaves open sensitive nerve endings open to exposure.

A toothache can be one of the most painful experiences in the world.It can also ruin your oral health. Here are some of the steps that you can take to relieve a toothache caused by a tooth with a cavity.

How To Stop The Pain In A Tooth With A Cavity

Schedule an Sppointment with a Dentist

A toothache rarely goes away on its own especially if it is caused by dental decay. Your redeeming feature will be to see a doctor as soon as possible. Until the dentist sees your cavity and fills it up, the pain will fester and will probably become worse. The best thing to do when toothache strikes is to see the dentist who will take immediate remedial action.


While waiting for your appointment with the doctor, it is possible to reduce the pain by taking OTC analgesics, which may actually be helpful. You can either use a dental analgesic, which is applied topically, or use any of the infinite home remedies to ease a toothache.

Salt Water Gargles

Salt Water Gargles

Salt-water gargles are another way to reduce a toothache. Heat a glass of water and to it, add a pinch of salt. Now gargle with this water especially from the side of the mouth that hurts. This will help to subside your pain a bit.


Chew on some cloves or apply some clove oil on the surface of the affected tooth. This is another technique for reducing the pain. It may or may not be effective depending on the intensity of the toothache. Cloves work by deadening or numbing the site of the tooth thus providing an anaesthesia like effect. Never apply aspirin directly to the tooth as it can cause your skin to burn.

Avoid Very Hot or Cold Foods And Drinks

A toothache can make your teeth super sensitive so it makes a lot of sense to not have very hot or cold foods. Avoid eating ice creams, hot coffee or tea and stick to warm water and mild soups that are not very pungent.

Use a Soft Bristled Tooth Brush

Use a soft bristled tooth brush to keep your teeth clean even as you suffer from a toothache. The soft bristles will clean your teeth without hurting your already sensitive teeth.

Use Soft Toothbrushes

You still need to follow good oral hygiene tips like brushing and flossing in spite of the pain.

Temporary Fillings

You can make a temporary filling at home by diluting dental grade zinc oxide powder into clove oil. Do this in a small glass and mould it together to form a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on the affected tooth and press the filling in. Make sure that you do not chew hard on the dental filling. It will harden with time and will protect your tooth until you are able to see a doctor and get a new filling.

Ice and Heat Packs

Ice and heat packs applied to the affected side of the mouth can help to ease the pain. Ice helps to reduce swelling and inflammation while heat helps the pain to subside. Apply a warm compress to the side of the mouth that hurts while you sleep.


Add a few sprigs of oregano herb to the water while boiling. Now add salt to this water and gargle with this water. The pain will miraculously disappear.



Chewing on raw onions provides a mildly anaesthetic effect and helps to reduce the toothache. However, the pain may come back so it is wise to repeat the treatment after a few hours.

Rinsing with Mouthwash

A good rinse with a mouthwash can help to reduce the pain caused by cavities. However, this method is quite rudimentary and not very effective in the long run.


Garlic too can work wonders by reducing toothache. Take a clove of garlic and to it add a little bit of rock salt. Now chew on this piece of garlic from the side of the tooth that hurts. Your pain will definitely reduce a lot.

Vanilla Extract

This too is a good home remedy to ease toothache. Just apply some pure vanilla extract on the affected tooth and your pain will be gone.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags

Apply a warm, used tea bag directly to the tooth that hurts and press down on it. Tea has tannin, which has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce pain and swelling if any.

Wheat Grass

Make a mouthwash from the juice of wheatgrass. This mouthwash is an excellent remedy against dental decay and prevents toothaches. It also checks bacterial growth.

Listerine Mouthwash

Make a daily ritual of rinsing your mouth with Listerine mouthwash especially if you suffer from cavities. This will prevent the cavity from causing pain and check against future bacterial growth.


Food trapped in between sensitive teeth may actually give rise to more pain so make sure that you floss your teeth well after brushing.


This dislodges food particles stuck in between the teeth. Rinse and wash your mouth after every meal to prevent food from being stuck to your teeth.


Try using a q-tip soaked in brandy and applying it against the tooth that hurts. This helps to numb the pain. You can also try a swig of brandy for relief against toothache.

Salt and Pepper Remedy

This is an age-old home remedy for toothache. Make a paste by combining salt and pepper. Now apply this paste on the affected tooth and let it sit for a few minutes until the pain completely disappears. Repeat during the course of the day.

With these tips, you can easily remedy a toothache caused by a cavity. Do show your tooth to a doctor though who may put a filling or remove the tooth as deemed fit by him/her.

Neha Chaturvedi