16 Ways To Repair Tooth Enamel

Ways To Repair Tooth Enamel

Ways To Repair Tooth Enamel

Tooth erosion occurs when the surface of the tooth also known as tooth enamel is eroded due to the effects of acidic foods. If the problem of lost enamel is not identified at an early stage, it can lead to massive tooth loss and expensive cosmetic dentistry work to restore the lost tooth enamel.The treatment of tooth erosion is two pronged. The first step is to identify the causes behind the loss of tooth enamel and to address and rectify these causes. The second step is to identify a good dentist who will help to restore the lost tooth enamel with the help of dental restorative procedures. Here are some ways to restore tooth enamel.

Tips To Restore Tooth Enamel


The kind of diet you take plays an important role in maintaining the surface of your tooth especially the tooth enamel. Consumption of highly acidic foods can corrode and destroy the surface of the tooth and this can lead to a loss of the tooth enamel. Dietary modifications need to be made in order to prevent loss of tooth enamel.


Identifying Medical Conditions

Sometimes the intrinsic acids in the stomach corrode the surface of the tooth leading to a loss of tooth enamel. This is particularly seen in eating disorders like bulimia where patients are known to purge the contents of their food. People who suffer from acid reflux often have bile acids coming back into their mouth from the stomach.

These corrosive acids can chip away at the tooth enamel. The best strategy is to identify these offending medical ailments and have them remedied as soon as possible otherwise it can take a toll on your dental health.

Identifying Medical Conditions

Fluoride Treatments and Desensitizing Toothpaste

In case the loss of tooth enamel is not very significant, the condition can be mildly remedied with the use of special fluoride and desensitizing toothpastes. Minerals like fluoride act like restorative minerals, which help the tooth to regain and build back its lost enamel. The dentist may use other fluoride treatments like a fluoride varnish, which protects the tooth against further damage and loss of enamel.


Prevention of Dental Erosion and Loss of Tooth Enamel

Decrease Your Consumption of Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are the biggest culprits in the loss of tooth enamel. The common offending foods are tea, coffee, sugary foods and colas. Try to have them only during meal times. Do not have them at meal times. Always brush your teeth after consuming these foods. Substitute them with fruits and unsweetened milk instead which are infinitely healthier on the teeth.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Do not Swish Acidic Drinks in the Mouth

It is very important to not swish acidic drinks in the mouth. Try to use a straw instead if you are suffering from loss of tooth enamel. This will minimize contact of the acidic food with the teeth.

Avoid Acidic Drinks

Chew on Gum

Chewing gum helps the teeth to remineralize by making the saliva more alkaline thus reducing the acidic effects of the food that has been consumed.

Chew on Gum

Brush Your Teeth Twice Everyday

Brushing your teeth with a strong fluoride toothpaste helps the tooth from being eroded and protects and restores the tooth enamel. Fluoride helps in keeping the enamel intact.

Brush Your Teeth

Drink water

Drinking enough water will dilute the effects of acidic foods and prevent further enamel loss.

Drink water

Dental Procedures to Restore Enamel

There are several procedures that are now being used to restore dental enamel. Here are some of them.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used in case of severe tooth enamel loss. They are used to cap the teeth and restore them to their former glory. The crowns are custom fitted and are used to cover the original tooth that has been eroded or destroyed.

Dental Crowns

Dental Veneers

These veneers come in the form of on lays and inlays and are generally glued to the front of the teeth. These veneers cover the cracked and chipped surfaces of the teeth that may have possibly been eroded with time. These help the cracks and chips from becoming wider or bigger and thus prevent further dental erosion.

Dental Veneers


Plain fillings can be used to cover cavities in the teeth that were previously destroying the enamel of the tooth. A simple filling can go a long way in reducing the effects of dental erosion. These fillings are made of gold or composite materials and are relatively permanent in nature.


Go for Regular Dental Clean Ups

Clean ups are mandatory to prevent loss of tooth enamel. Even bacterial plaque and tartar can destroy and corrode the enamel of the tooth and this can lead to massive tooth erosion. A good dentist will clean your teeth and remove calcium deposits on your teeth thus making your teeth look as good as new.

Dental Clean Ups

Enamel Restoring Mouthwash

If enamel decay is present, using a special mouthwash for restoring tooth enamel may be quite helpful. A variety of brands are now available. You can easily speak to your dentist and select a brand that is good for you. Make sure that you follow specific instructions as given on the bottle for using the mouthwash correctly. This will enhance the efficacy of the results.


Autoimmune Diseases

Certain autoimmune diseases like cancer can lead to severe enamel decay. In order to prevent this from happening make sure you swish equal parts of baking soda and equal parts of water in your mouth. Do this several times daily to remove the stains and acidity and also to help mouth sores to heal.


Teeth Grinding and Bruxism

Many people suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism, which causes the tooth to break, chip or get cracked. If you are suffering from these conditions, make sure that you contact your dentist right away. These will enact severe wear and tear on your teeth.Chewing tobacco and smoking can also cause extensive tooth damage and decay along with tooth discolouration. Alter your habits, lifestyle and start leading a health life with a good diet to help restore tooth enamel and keep your teeth looking white and shiny.

Teeth Grinding

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