How to Prepare Meals For People With Loose Teeth

Meals For People With Loose Teeth

Prepare Meals For People With Loose Teeth

People often face the problem of loose teeth, either when they get old or when kids lose their first set of teeth or milk teeth. With loose teeth, particularly in old age, it gets difficult to eat all kinds of food. If accidentally, one bites on something hard, then it may cause excruciating pain and swelling in the gums.

It is important to keep in mind nutritional needs of people with loose teeth and try to give them all kinds of foods in some soft and chewy form through which they may get a varied palate, adequate for their nutritional needs. Ways to prepare meals for people with loose teeth are given below.

How to Prepare Meals For People With Loose Teeth

Chop Food In Very Small Pieces

Chop Food

This is the best way to serve salads and fruits to people with loose teeth. You can give fruits like apples, pears, water melons, musk melon and vegetables like radish, carrot, cucumber chopped in small pieces.

This will save the effort of biting big pieces into small pieces and will make it easier for people to eat, if there canines are particularly lose.

Cook Well


Whatever food you cook, ensure that it is well cooked. Well cooked food is easy on teeth and easy on digestion. Make the vegetables curries and other foods well cooked so that the person may mash it on his or her own when eating. Such foods can be easily mashed in the plate and can be eaten well.

Grate Raw Foods

Grate foods

If the person suffering from loose teeth still finds it hard to chew on finely chopped foods then grating raw vegetables and fruits is another way of serving them such foods.

When my daughter had some loose teeth, I used to grate carrots and apples for her and used to mix it in yogurt for additional taste and texture. She really used to enjoy this high fiber snack. You can also add salt or sugar for taste.

Mash Foods

Mash food

Another easy to do way is to mash foods. Some fruits like custard apple, banana, and avocados can be easily served in mashed form. Make sure that you mash them well otherwise it may lead to choking, especially in young kids. You can also mash chapattis or breads.

Soak them in little water and mash them well to make a puree kind of consistency. You can add curries, dal, milk, curd or any other food in mashed breads and chapattis. You can also add boiled and mashed vegetables to the pureed bread for a healthy and balanced diet.

Porridge And Rice

Porridge And Rice

Another interesting way to serve food for people with loose teeth is to cook porridge and rice with lots of vegetables. This will provide them a healthy balance of vital nutrients without compromising with taste or texture. Rice and porridge can be easily swallowed. Make sure to add finely chopped pieces of vegetables in the dish and cook them well.

The idea is to provide different kinds of foods in soft form which the person suffering from lose teeth may eat properly and enjoy the taste also. So go innovative and make different dishes in new avatars. You never know, other people and kids in the family may also like the new form of various foods.

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