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How To Heal An Abscessed Tooth

By on July 25, 2012

How To Heal An Abscessed ToothAn abscessed tooth is a type of dental infection that affects the part of a tooth between the gum and the root. The abscess generally occurs suddenly but may sometimes start as a swelling in the gum or in tissues in the throat.

An abscess in the tooth is usually very painful and leads to ailments like high fever and foul taste in the mouth. Therefore it is essential to cure teeth abscesses before they get very serious.

A visit to the dentist is recommended, but primary healing of an abscess can be done at home to control the pain. Here’s how you can treat an abscessed tooth at home.

Tips To Heal An Abscessed Tooth

Oral Rinse

If you have a medicated mouth rinse at home, wash your mouth letting the rinse stay longer on the abscessed tooth. You can also heat water and mix common salt.

Gargle with this lukewarm solution for few minutes for instant relief from pain caused by abscessed teeth. Salt has antiseptic properties that help to reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria settled on your gums.

Hot And Cold Compress

Take a handkerchief and heat it by pressing against a hot utensil. Press this warm cloth externally on the area affected by abscessed tooth. In fact, using the warm compress on your entire jaw line is beneficial to kill pain.

How To Heal An Abscessed Tooth

Use an icepack alternately along with the warm compress to bring faster relief from pain caused by abscessed tooth. Hot and cold compresses not only reduce pain but also the swelling of the gums.

Say No To Alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with an abscessed tooth you will have to give up alcohol. In fact, try to give up drinking all sugary liquids. The sugar content in fluids easily travels to the affected tooth and serves as food for bacterial growth leading to infection. The infection in turn leads to damage of tissues in the mouth and throat.

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Prescription Drugs

Aspirin is one of the most common drugs for curing an abscessed tooth. One normally keeps aspirin tablets at home; it is also available at the nearest medicine outlet, therefore take aspirin as soon as the swelling in the gum starts. However, aspirin cannot be a permanent solution as an overdose of the drug leads to serious damage to health.

How To Heal An Abscessed Tooth

Swap aspirin with pain killers like amoxicillin for instant relief if the pain has become unbearable and then take an appointment with your dentist. The recommended dose of these medicines is a single tablet before switching to dental treatments or natural remedies for teeth abscesses.

Eat The Right Food

Try to eat boiled food that does not have to be chewed very hard. Exercise is not good for your gums if you have an abscessed tooth. Stay away from grains that may stick in the corners of the teeth and gums and cause further infection. Also avoid eating chocolates and chewing gum.

Doctors suggest reducing caffeine intake. Caffeine disrupts glucose metabolism and supports growth of bacteria. Small cups of caffeine can however be taken, but remember to gulp it down, trying best to avoid touching the abscessed tooth.

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