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How To Fix Rotten Teeth

By on August 6, 2012

How To Fix Rotten TeethRotten teeth are a frequent occurrence in several people, both young and elderly. Rotten teeth not only cause pain, they also lead to embarrassment by emanating a foul smell from the mouth or by discoloring the teeth. Teeth get rotten as a result of destruction of the enamel covering the top layer. Fixing of rotten teeth depends on the extent of damage done to teeth and the severity of the bacteria steeled on teeth. We list for you some possible ways to fix rotten teeth.

Ways to Fix Rotten Teeth

Fluoride Treatment 

The quickest way to fix rotten teeth at the earliest stage is to opt for a high concentration fluoride healing system. In this treatment, fluoride is used to cover the teeth for restoration of enamel. Regular brushing with fluoride enriched toothpaste is suggested to speed up the recovery process.

Tooth Filling

This procedure is adopted for people in whom teeth degradation is extensive. Amalgam fillings such as those comprising copper, zinc, silver, mercury and tin are filled in the rotten back teeth cavities.

How To Fix Rotten Teeth

For the front rotten teeth, resin fillings made of glass particles and plastic are used. Care should be taken to ensure that the fillings used for the front rotten teeth are of the same color as natural teeth. Using gold fillings are recommended as they last longer that other metal fillings.

Tooth Canal

This is a form of treatment where the nerve of a rotten tooth is removed along with its surrounding pulp and the void is sealed with a crown. The root canal treatment is very effective as it not only fixes rotten teeth but also prevents further decay. Like tooth fillings, tooth canals also come in different types including silver, gold, amalgam and porcelain. Dentists decide the type of tooth canal depending on the extent of rotten teeth.

Tooth Removal

Generally, only one part of a tooth gets rotten. In very rare cases, bacteria affect the whole tooth. In such cases, this tooth has to be removed in order to stop the spread of germs to the neighboring teeth. Visit a dentist to get your rotten tooth removed.

How To Fix Rotten Teeth

Use of nitrous oxide as a local anesthesia is suggested to stop spread of pain in tissues and nerves of surrounding teeth. If a permanent tooth is removed, the space must be filled with a dental bridge like dentures.


This is a type of cosmetic affectation that is placed on top of the rotten tooth to fix it permanently. The veneer removes discoloration from rotten teeth and brings back normal white color. However, fixing a rotten tooth using veneers is a long term process.

Tooth Drilling

How To Fix Rotten Teeth

This is a process where a drill is used to drive out the accumulated bacteria in a rotten tooth. Sometimes, a gap is created in the tooth post drilling, this has to be filled. This way of fixing rotten teeth can only be used in cases where the damage is limited to one or two teeth.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Brushing with salt and fluoride enriched toothpastes is probably the simplest way to fix a rotten tooth, but only if the damage is minimal.

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