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How To Fix Gaps In Your Teeth

By on June 8, 2012

How To Fix Gaps In Your Teeth Gap between teeth or diastema spoils your appearance and ruins your social life. Some people develop gaps in their teeth naturally when their adult teeth develop during childhood.

In others, dental problems in later life are responsible for the gaps in between teeth. Fortunately, the space between teeth can be easily fixed with the help of cosmetic dentistry. There are several options for filling gaps between teeth.

Before moving ahead with the dental procedure for treating diastema, your dentist will take into account the length and nature of the gap, your overall dental and oral health condition, especially the health of the adjacent teeth, and the desired result of the cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Procedures For Fixing Gaps Between Teeth

Dental Braces

Dental braces are the most popular devices used for fixing gaps in between teeth. By aligning the teeth, orthodontic braces, correct the bite and improve the dental health.

Braces comprise of wires that are bonded and tightened to the teeth. By applying pressure on the teeth, braces move the teeth, thereby closing the gap between the teeth naturally.

How To Fix Gaps In Your Teeth

To prevent damage to the adjacent teeth, pressure is applied gradually to the teeth. Your dentist will gradually adjust the wires, usually once every month, to bring the desired change gradually.

The gaps between the teeth can be closed only after wearing the brace for a few years. Although dental braces are widely used during childhood for aligning the crooked teeth, braces are also available for adults.

The most widely used dental braces are made out of stainless wires, often combined with titanium. Cosmetic dentistry has popularized the use of invisible braces. Made out of clear plastic or ceramic, these braces blend with the natural dentures.


Esthetic bonding is a popular option for filling the space between adjacent teeth. It is the least expensive cosmetic dental procedure for closing a small space between the teeth. The bonding material comprises of a tooth colored resin.

How To Fix Gaps In Your Teeth

It is applied in the space between the teeth. The bonding material is then hardened with the help of ultraviolet ray or laser. To ensure that the bonding material blends perfectly with the denture, your dentist will polish and shape it.

The dental bonding session for fixing a gap between teeth usually lasts for about 30 minutes. However, the bonding material usually lasts for a few years. Moreover, the bonding materials are vulnerable to staining. The process needs to be repeated to preserve the appearance of the denture.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are considered a better and more durable alternative to cosmetic bonding. The porcelain veneer easily blends with the rest of the denture.

To fit the porcelain veneer to the adjacent teeth, some portions of the tooth enamel of both the teeth are removed. The dental veneer is then cemented to the surfaces of the adjacent teeth. This dental cosmetic procedure is ideal for closing small gaps between teeth.

Artificial Denture Or Dental Implant

When a missing tooth is responsible for diastema, the gap can be closed only with the help of a dental implant or dental bridge.

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