How To Fix False Teeth The use of false teeth is gradually decreasing among the older generation these days. However, there are still a few people who replace their original teeth with false teeth to be able to bite and chew food properly. Did you know that false teeth are more prone to breaking when compared to original teeth? Since they are expensive, it is advisable that you take proper care of your false teeth. However, if a false tooth has accidentally broken due to biting on rigid objects, here are tips to fix false teeth quickly and effectively.

Ways to Fix False Teeth

Use Medicated Toothpaste

You can follow a dentist’s advice or choose a popular brand of medicated toothpaste from the nearest dental store. Apply a thick layer of the toothpaste on the broken teeth and gently massage with clean fingers. Wash off the paste after five minutes with warm water and immediately dry with a clean cotton cloth.

Epoxy Treatment

Place the broken false teeth on top of a clean cardboard kept on a table. Squeeze out one glob of epoxy in a bowl and divide this into two equal parts. Stir the epoxy parts with a mixing stick until they blend finely together. Taking small quantities of the epoxy mix on the tip of an application stick, apply it on the fractured portions of your false teeth. If possible, cover the whole surface of a broken tooth with the epoxy mix.

Hold the broken part together with your hand for at least a minute before placing on the cardboard for drying. This helps the broken false teeth to stabilize and prevents the pieces from coming apart in the future. Once the epoxy layer on the broken teeth surface has dried, and the broken parts have been placed together, apply another thin layer of epoxy mix with the application stick without lifting the teeth from the cardboard.

Leave it to dry on the table for at least half an hour, before turning and applying the same quantity of epoxy mix on the side that was turned down. Leave for another 30 minutes before washing the false teeth with lukewarm water. They are now healed and ready for use again.

Crazy Glue

This is an easily available glue that fixes false teeth temporarily. If you are out or need to mend a broken false tooth very fast, apply dots of Crazy Glue in between the broken parts. Hold the tooth for at least 2 minutes to allow the glue to dry. The false teeth are ready for use as soon as the glue dries up.

Cushion Grip

This is one of the most important components of a broken false teeth repairing kit. After you have applied the glue or epoxy, support the broken parts of false teeth with a thick cushion covering known as cushion grip. Use the cushion grip for at least a week for the broken teeth to fix permanently. An important tip is to remember that none of the components used for fixing false teeth should be allowed to come in contact with your gums. It may lead to burning and swelling of gums.

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