How To Find a Bite Correction Orthodontist

Tips To Select Orthodontist

Tips To Select Orthodontist

Before understanding the orthodontic treatment you need to understand what exactly is crossbite. The relationship of putting together of teeth is called occulsion and it is the first thing that orthodontist look at. In a normal occulsion the upper teeth are over top to the lower teeth but when it is a crossbite this wont be the case and would be the other way round. If the upper teeth are inside the lower teeth that would cause problem in eating and chewing which is termed as crossbite.

Crossbite at the back of the mouth is called posterior crossbite and at the front is called anterior crossbite. In order to correct it you need an orthodontist who will make use of an articulator which is important in understanding the relation between the teeth, gums and the jaw.

Tips To Select A Orthodontist

Examination and Diagnostics

x rays

Your first visit will take you through an examination where your chewing system will be observed and diagnostic records can be recommended. These records are a part of treatment plan that makes a note of the articulated mounted models used, x-rays, photographs etc.

The x-rays of the teeth gives you the cephalometric view that makes it easy for the orthodontist to understand the positioning of the teeth on the jaws.

Time Taken to Study the Diagnostic Reports

Study the Diagnostic Reports

It is important that your dentist takes out time to carefully study the data which is why it is not possible for the orthodontist to initiate the treatment on the very first visit. Careful understanding of the teeth position and proper diagnosis takes time to make sure that the patient gets optimal results. Orthodontics is a beautiful combination of art and science where it is important to examine well in order to give a healthy smile.

Consultation and Second Visit

Consultation and Second Visit

In the second visit the orthodontist will explain their entire study done from the diagnostic material that was collected on the first visit. The patient clearly needs to understand the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and alternatives. Make sure that your orthodontist answers all your questions and concerns if any. The consultation will give you an idea whether all your queries regarding your bite correction or for your children have been answered properly on not and then you can easily decide upon the orthodontist.

Treatment, the Third Visit

Treatment, the Third Visit

This is an important phase where the actual procedure takes place and an appointment will be given to you for placing the braces. Both upper and lower second molars will be included for the braces, the second molars are the farthest back in the jaw that brings them very close to the jaw joints.

They are among the most powerful muscles used for chewing and have a strong effect on the effect on the health of the jaw which is why they need to be corrected well to improve the bite. Orthodontic treatment involves braces, clear aligners and retainers which are important to correct conditions like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw joint disorders, incorrect jaw positions, under bite and over bite.

Types of Orthodontic Correction

Ceramic Braces

With so many options available the orthodontist will assist you with what suits you the best and should have all the other alternatives to suit your mouth and your budget.

Braces, also known as orthodontic appliance is among the commonly used procedures for orthodontic correction. They are important to hold the teeth and place and shift their position . They come in various variety where fixed braces can only be removed by the dentist while the removable ones can be worn according to convenience. It depends upon the symptoms and the dentist that you will be advised long-term or repeated appliances.

Brackets that attach wire to the teeth are available in three different varieties and you can get them in ceramic, plastic and metal while the most commonly used are metal ones as they are durable and suits best for complex crossbites. Ceramic brackets are preferred because of its color that makes it quite attractive. Some people prefer ibraces or inside braces where the brackets are hidden at the back of the teeth that not only makes it invisible but adds efficiency and strength too.

Aligners are used as an alternative for traditional braces are customized removable braces and much more convenient to use. Unlike braces they do not trap plaque and food particles on the teeth and so not need to be brushed after every meal that is generally advised in case of metal braces. Aligners are generally advised to be worn for two week for mild issues of spacing between teeth. It is only to be removed during brushing, flossing and eating.

Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers

Another orthodontic correction appliance but not as comprehensive as braces. It is mainly used in a someone especially a baby has lost a tooth permanently then these maintainers are made use of to maintain the position of the jaw. It prevents the surrounding teeth to move within the empty space and become crooked or over crowded. If that space is left untreated, it would ask for an expensive treatment in the later stages. Space maintainers are hardly noticeable and every easy to adjust.

Checkup Visit

Checkup Visit

Every orthodontist is assisted by a team of professionals who offer their dedicated service and individual care to the patients on every visit. This is done to monitor the response and the stability of the jaw after the orthodontic treatment.

Post Treatment Care

Offer a Healthy smile

The job of the orthodontist doesn’t just end after applying the appliances on the teeth, post treatment consultation are fixed where you can consult the orthodontist in case of any adjustments or problems regarding the appliances used. Once the braces are removed the treatments is reviewed and made sure that the challenges have been met. If not then analysis is done as to why the treatments goals are not met and what can be the next phase. A reliable orthodontist will not leave the treatment in between and will offer you solutions that will work well to treat your crossbite and offer you a healthy smile.