How To Detect Cavity

How To Detect Cavity

How To Detect Cavity

Beautiful smile are a result of  proper hygiene. In order to own strong white teeth and healthy gums proper care have to be taken. Poor oral hygiene results in many dental diseases. Tooth decay are one of the most common dental issue with no age limit barrier.

This can be widely seen on adults as well as children. Tooth decay, also known as cavities are formed when the natural outer covering of our teeth called enamel are disturbed. Initially this occurs from the time we eat.

Those consumed sugars and starch reacts with the bacteria present in our mouth to form a thin layered sticky film on the teeth called plaque. Plaque sticks onto the teeth and gradually gets promoted to the next stage of causing harm.

The acids in them begin to dissolve the enamel which leads to the formation of small holes which makes them susceptible.This increases it’s diameter over the time finally making it call cavity. Earlier detection and prevention is the best method to save the health of teeth and gums.

Tips On How To Detect Cavity

Examine Your Teeth

Examine Your Teeth

Wide open your mouth in front of a mirror or seek someones help to check whether you could spot any holes on the surfaces of your teeth.

Most prone areas are inside the molars and along the sides of the incisors. Make this check routine and especially when you find the food particles getting traped inside the teeth curves.

Problems With Bad Breath

Problems With Bad Breath

If the cavities started to attack your teeth deeply then there arises foul smell which indicates the decaying of your teeth.This odour remains even after brushing your teeth.

Fillings Are Tight Enough

Fillings Are Tight

Previously if you have had your cavities cured by filling them, then check whether they are tight there. Loose fillings indicate the progress of cavities at the same place which has to be treated again. Loose teeth also indicate decay. Make sure to check both the symptoms.

Check For Any Discolourations

Any Discolouration

Different colors indicate different stages of cavity. If there are brighter white film on your teeth, then plaque have started it’s journey. If the color is brown or yellow then the enamel have started to break down.

And if there are any black or grey spots visible, then your teeth is seriously damaged.

Sensitivity Check

Tooth Sensitivity

With the untreated tooth decay in progress the main villain that enters the scene is the presence of sensitivity, which makes food consuming all the more miserable. Any kind of food you eat whether hot, cold, sour, sweet or spicy all causes strong tingling pain. Even chewing down becomes painful.

Ponder If You Have Pain

Visit Dentist

If any persistent toothache or jaw swelling happens, notice how long have you been experiencing them. As the roots and nerves of the particular teeth might have damaged if the decay have reached deeply inside.

Sometimes the gums and teeth together gives excruciating pain which could also reveal an aggravating decay. Another case is when there occurs any pus at the bottom of your teeth then an immediate medical diagnose is required rather than treating it yourself.

Most of the dental diseases are such that the victim himself gets no clue of it until the condition becomes worse. Consistent hygiene is the basic necessity for healthy teeth and gums. So take care and ensure monthly dental checkups to save your dental health.