How To Clean Capped Teeth

Clean Capped Teeth

Ways To Clean Capped Teeth

Due to the trending age of junk food and acidic products, teeth suffer the most due to the harmful effects of such products.

Given to these reasons, your teeth would become yellowish, decay or rot, become weak or get chipped off due to the damage inflicted upon them. Given to these reasons, a tooth cap is used to cover the teeth so that they would sustain further mar of fast food and other items on themselves.

Capped tooth need to be taken care of in order for you to have them lasting for a longer period of time. Even while cleaning, you need to be cautious as to not harm them. Following are few of the best ways to clean capped teeth:-

Clean Capped Teeth

Fingernail Brush For Capped Teeth

Fingernail Brush For Capped Teeth

There is no need to buy majority of the denture care products advertised as essentials. Most of these are expensive and unnecessary. A fingernail brush can easily be used to clean capped teeth for you. Apart from washing them with water and cleaning them, the debris needs to be removed from the corners and crevices in between the teeth.

This is where a fingernail brush comes in handy. These brushes are easily available and inexpensive. The food debris should be removed daily to avoid germ build-up in the teeth. This would be equivalent to flossing of teeth.

Disinfectants For Your Capped Teeth

Bleaching powder

Brushing capped teeth is not enough after washing them. It is also important to disinfect them, using a disinfectant such as bleach. Disinfection is important as dentures are porous and hence a breeding ground for bacteria and other infectious microbes.

Bleach has been clinically proven to be as effective as commercial effervescent denture cleansing products. The bleach to water ratio should be 1:10. This solution is a little too dilute for removing plaque build-up, but does not harm the dentures.

Another ratio suggested is 1:1. But this solution can discolour the pink portion of dentures; hence it can be used for the partial dentures. The 1:10 solution can be used by adding a teaspoon of calcium chelating detergent such as Calgon. A stronger dilution ratio solution should not be used to clean the capped teeth.

Nylon Fabric For Effective Cleaning

Nylon Fabric For Effective Cleaning

Sometimes your capped teeth might get a spot of dirt or food. To remove such random marks by going through an entire process of washing them is not only tedious but entirely unnecessary. It is easier to wipe them off by a little rubbing.

But normal cotton clothes may scratch the surface of dentures. Using a nylon piece of clothing helps remove the stain very easily, and the capped teeth need not be removed from the mouth for this activity too! Another bonus of this is that the nylon helps in giving a shine to the capped teeth too.

Floss Them Clean And Sparkling

Floss Them Clean

Floss is one of the most prominent and easily conducted means of cleaning capped teeth. For your teeth to become shiny and crystal clear without any remains of food or other harm conducted to them, floss can be an effective method.