How To Avoid Foods That Discolor Teeth

Foods That Discolor Teeth

Avoid Foods That Discolor Teeth

Beneficial foods for heart help to keep the body young and healthy but have the potential to discolor and stain the teeth, making us look unclean. So, what is the way out to be healthy and smiling? One cannot afford to miss on these important foods and put his/her heart to risk.

One has to choose a mid way, to ensure eating these as well as managing sparkling teeth, simultaneously. It is easy to keep our teeth pearly white by following simple care, while consuming discoloring foods.

Tips On Avoiding Discoloration Of Teeth From Foods

Three main threats for teeth discoloration are acidic foods, deep colored foods or/and drinks, and sugary foods.

Acidic Foods

Acidic Foods

The most problematic foods for teeth are highly acidic foods, like soda pop, juices, energy drinks and wines. Even tea and coffee show highly acidic levels.

These acidic beverages erode the enamel, making teeth translucent and revealing the yellowish brown dentin, residing below the enamel. Acids in foods soften tooth enamel, making each tooth prone to abrasion, staining and recurrent wear and tear.

Solution : Use water after Acidic Foods

Never let these drinks linger in the mouth. After intake of these acidic beverages, drink a glass of water or rinse immediately. Do not brush soon after acidic foods as these soften the enamel and put them at risk of toothbrush abrasion. Wait for at least 30 minutes, to allow the soften enamel to get tougher and become less vulnerable to abrasion.

Deep Colored Foods

Deep Colored Foods

Many nutritious dark colored foods unfortunately, are likely to stain the teeth. Foods include dark chocolate, red wine, teas, pigmented berries like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, colored sauces of tomato, curry and soya sauce.

Vegetables like kale, spinach and crushing berries, when used in smoothies release out their pigments into the beverage, and then stains the teeth. It is known that anything that can stain tablecloth or tongue will possibly also stain teeth.

Solution: Add crunchy foods to the platter of deep colored foods

When eating berries, one must include more of crunchy fruits and vegetables. These help to cleanse the teeth, thereby reducing the staining affect of such foods. Make use of straw, while having smoothies or juices to avoid direct contact with teeth.

Make a point to have milk or a piece of cheese after consumption of meals which include teeth staining foods. Cheese and milk are effective in neutralizing food acids and provides calcium to strengthen teeth against damage.

Sugary Foods

Sugary food

Sugary foods of ice candies, candy bars, jams and jellies make teeth prone to plague formation and harm the teeth whitening. Though, sugary foods will only cause staining when used regularly in high amounts.

Solution: Use sugarless gum post Sugary foods

Avoid any possibilities of staining  by using sugarless gum after sugary foods. It increases saliva production that rinses the teeth and protects them against cavities.

Drink Water After Medicated Syrups

Drink Water

Limit the use of teeth whitening products that may lead to severe tooth abrasion. Even certain medicines or syrups have staining effect, like iron supplements, multivitamin syrups and antihistamines.

Those who have to consume them should consult dentist for precautionary measures. With syrups, drinking water afterwards can be an easy check over their staining effect.