5 Great Ways To Remove Adhesives From Dentures

Remove Adhesives

Remove Adhesives

Anyone who uses dentures knows it very well that adhesives are necessary to keep them intact. However, the extra adhesive often becomes very troublesome and causes discomfort and irritation which is why it’s necessary to remove it. Removing adhesives from dentures can get immensely painful and tiresome if not executed effectively.

Thus, it is important to approach the right solutions in right quantities. If you too are enduring problems picking the right one, check some of the following easy ways which you will definitely find useful and convenient.

Ways To Remove Adhesives From Dentures

Hot Water

Hot water

Using hot water is one of the most common denture adhesive remover techniques used by most number of people today. Many of those who use dentures must be familiar with the fact that hot food triggers displacement of dentures inspite of adhesive having been used.

One can take as much hot water as one can handle and then swish it vigorously twice or thrice inside the mouth. If this fails to remove the extra adhesive, it can also be complemented with slight brushing of the gums and the roof of the mouth which will surely do away with any extra adhesive in and around the dentures.

Icy Cold Water

Ice cold water

Unlike the hot water which loosens and removes the excessive adhesive from the dentures, icy cold water hardens the extra adhesive and helps in its removal from the dentures.

For those who can’t bear hot temperature of water inside their mouths and those who prefer cold water over hot, this is the perfect solution. One can prick off the extra adhesive with his/her fingers soon after it hardens.

Readymade Denture Adhesive Removers

Readymade  Removers

Many denture cleansers are available in the market which can be easily availed from the local stores. Fixodent denture cleanser, for instance, is quite popular and gives quick and amazing results.

It is highly recommended that you use a special toothbrush which is exclusive for your dentures and don’t apply too much of force while brushing your teeth with the brush. Excessive force can result in unpleasant abrasions. Also wet your brush before using it on the dentures and gently stroke away the adhesive residue using warm water.

Nail Polish Remover (Not Acetone Free)

Nail Polish Remover

Another wonderful and easy way to remove that irritating bit of extra glue from your gums can be using some nail polish remover. One can soak some cotton in the nail polish remover and then dab it carefully over the adhesive stricken portions of the dentures.

Make sure you rub the cotton to and fro over the dentures for better and quicker loosening of the glue. Once you feel that the glue has loosened up, swish hot water inside your mouth and spit out the adhesive residue.

Use Lesser Adhesive

Use Lesser Adhesive

Most people use large amounts of adhesive to fix the dentures at their place. However smaller amounts can be equally effective and less messy to handle. You can try experimenting with smaller glue amounts and remove the extra adhesive using a quick swish of hot water. You can also try exploring non gluey options which help in providing the dentures with requisite fixation without leading to any sticky mess inside the mouth.

Akshay Sharma