Foods You Should Not Eat When You Have Caps On Your Teeth

List Of Foods To Avoid

List Of Foods To Avoid

Tooth decay if detected in your teeth would be repaired by your dentist by cleaning it well and filling the cavity through root canal treatment. The last step would be to place a cap or crown above the teeth with the filling to ensure that the filling would be safe.

The caps are usually designed in the color of your natural teeth and hold the contents of the teeth. There are permanent and temporary crowns which are worn for various teeth problems. Temporary caps can have a tendency to come off easily and it is essential to know about the various foods you should not eat when you have caps on your teeth. This is very essential as it might cause your teeth and its caps to stay uptight.

List Of Foods To Avoid When Have Caps On Teeth

Foods With Sticky Nature

Foods With Sticky Nature

Avoid eating foods that have a sticky consistency or sticky nature as it would cause your teeth to get stuck together and this in turn would cause your cap of the teeth to come off easily.

The foods you should not eat when you have caps on your teeth are chocolates, candies, confectionaries or caramel based ones as it has the tendency to make your caps to come off easily. The hard boiled sugar in these sweets might cause your caps to stick with upper rows and lower part of the teeth which might damage the caps permanently.

Hard Foods Must Be Avoided

Hard Foods Must Be Avoided

Avoid applying pressure to your cap width very hard foods such as split peas, lentils, sticky rice and grains which might sometimes have small stones in it. This would damage the caps severely causing pain on the filled teeth. Wash your grains and legumes well before cooking it. This will help to remove all the unwanted stones and other particles.

Stay Away From Half-Cooked Foods

Stay Away From Half-Cooked Foods

Also never eat half cooked lentils as it might have a crunchy texture which might harm the caps.

Don’t Eat Raw Vegetables

Don’t Eat Raw Vegetables

Also avoid munching fresh pieces of vegetables such as cucumber, carrots or beets and fruits such as apples, pears and other fruits.

This is because the crunchy nature of these fruits and vegetables would cause the caps to dislodge. This is owing to the high amount of pressure applied to it.

Hot & Cold Foods Are To Be Avoided

Hot & Cold Foods Are To Be Avoided

Apart from these foods, hot and cold foods are there which should be avoided on the first few days of having caps on your teeth as your dentist might have drilled and scraped the teeth fully before filling it. The hot and cold foods cause a much tingling sensation owing to the drilling and scraping.

So make sure you do not consume any food that are very hot or cold in nature. Also make sure to inform your dentist about the tingling feeling as the dentist might try to fill up your damaged teeth with a different filling in the next session. You should be especially careful while consuming beverages such as tea, coffee and cocoa.

Avoid Frozen Foods

Avoid Frozen Foods

Also stay away from ice creams, cold coffee, frozen desserts, frozen yoghurt, pudding or smoothies, which are extremely cold.

Joyeeta Bose