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Foods To Eat After Having Teeth Extracted

By on February 4, 2013

Foods To Eat After Having Teeth ExtractedAs the name suggests, tooth extraction is the process of removing damaged tooth or the wisdom tooth. Almost everyone has to go through this process once in their life time and the extraction word seems a little scary. If you have got the extraction done you have won half the battle, however, half is still left. After the extraction surgery, the mouth remains numb for some time because of the anesthesia and as soon as it is gone you are sure to feel hungry. Wrong choice of food can cause immense pain.

It is important to take care of your diet which is a part of your extraction aftercare. The patient has to suffer pain and choosing the right find can help you protect from oral infection and other gum problems. The gums are weak after extraction and consumption of normal food can be a little difficult and eating solid food can damage the open pore and lead to bleeding and also increase the recovery process.

Your dentist will provide you with a list of items that you need to avoid and things that you are supposed to eat. The patient is asked to stay away from hot liquid like tea, coffee, soup etc. as it can dissolve the clot and the bone from where the tooth has been extracted becomes exposed to drinks and food. You need to stay away from crunchy and hard food and anything that can get stuck in the sockets. Prefer talking a liquid diet and something cold that can help you feel good and also allows in the healing process.

Question arises, what exactly to eat that gives you nutrition and is also good for the teeth. Try these soft foods at least for first few days and you are sure to feel good:

Best Foods To Eat After Having Teeth Extracted


Milkshakes and smoothies are healthy, easy to drink, packed with vitamins, proteins and good after extraction if taken cold.


One can make it easily, all you need to do is add your favorite fruit to the blender with some milk. To make it thick you can add ice cream or yoghurt and it is ready to drink.


This is one food that you cannot miss after the extraction, very soft, easy to eat, has lot of minerals and vitamins, a very rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium and potassium. You can easily eat it or you can add it to the smoothie.

Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce

Though apple is a hard fruit you can make it easy to eat as it is good to eat after your extraction. This is one of the dietary fibrous fruit rich in Vitamin C. You can have it in the breakfast or as an evening snack.

Mashed Potatoes

Patients with extracted tooth can also have mashed potatoes that wouldn’t ask for chewing and is very filling. Nutrients like vitamin B6, vitamin C and protein. You can add few light spices and butter to it to make it tastier and healthy but keep it simple till your gums heal properly.


Avocado is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, the best reason is that it is too soft to eat. One can easily take out scoops of it or cut it into small slices to eat it raw.


Good for healing process and also helps in reducing your LDL cholesterol level that not only works well after the extraction but also otherwise.


Oatmeal has always been an healthy option and soft enough to be eaten when you have got your tooth removed. Prepare it well with milk and you can use any soft fruit as a topping. The food is packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber and very low in fats.

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