4 Foods To Be Avoided After A Tooth Filling

Foods To Be Avoided

Foods To Be Avoided After A Tooth Filling

After tooth filling, it is advisable not to eat any food till numbness subsides as there is a definite chance of injuring the numb area. There is high possibility of damage in patients with a mandibular block as this result in extreme numbness of lower lip and tongue. In case of composite fillings, the patient can withstand mastication forces immediately as compared to amalgam fillings, where doctors advised to avoid eating for at least 45 minutes post the tooth filling process.

Filling is performed under local anesthesia and hence, mouth feels awkward and not comfortable for mastication. Dentist do offer proper care instructions post tooth filling that should be carefully followed, but there are certain kinds of foods that need to be avoided as long as sensitivity wards off completely.

Various Foods That Need To Be Avoided After A Tooth Filling

Sticky-Gummy Foods

chewing gum

Doctors will advise against chewable toffee, chewing gum, caramel and gummy foods that easily get stuck to tooth fillings and could result in poor fit.

In silver filling, the filling hardens with time and hence such foods could harm the process. In composite filling, where a malleable and wet resin is applied, the filling gets hardened instantly, but still one need to avoid all sticky eatables and let the mouth first come to normalcy stage.

Cold And Hot Eatables


After any dental procedure involving tooth filling, the teeth and gum-line becomes more sensitive to cold and hot foods. The sensitivity develops due to alteration in composition of decayed tooth, for which filling has been performed. Avoiding extreme temperature foods can save one from sensitivity problems.

Hard Foods

Hard food

With time sensitivity wades off, one can begin eating various kinds of foods, but if pain in the filled cavity persists, one should gargle with saline water or use painkiller to manage pain. Till the time all pain has gone, intake softer fruits and vegetables.

Avoid eating hard foods like apple, carrot, chicken and nuts. These require a big and hard bite for which teeth may not be fully ready in the initial days after tooth filling. In case, tooth pains even after weeks, then get it checked by dentist as there could be still a cavity remaining or filling has not been up to the mark.

Acidic And Sugary Foods


Avoid all foods that contribute to tooth decay process like all acidic foods, sodas, sugar syrups, foods rich in sugar. Also, avoid eating carbohydrate and sugar combination food items like cakes, muffins, toast and pastries as these may pose greater harm to the filling of the tooth.

This will prevent further cavity formation too. Hence, following a good oral hygiene ensures that fillings last for longer durations, and there is no chance of any other fillings in the future.

Though, new technology has enabled fillings to set quite rapidly, without resulting in pain. Still, one should avoid eating foods that could be in any way dangerous for the oral health. It is always best to start eating slowly and prefer biting from the side opposite to that of filling area, just to be careful of not harming the fillings by any little possibility too.