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Foods Recommended For People With Dental Braces

By on May 1, 2013

Foods Recommended For People With Dental BracesBraces are painful and can lead to cavities if right food is not taken as the food can get struck in between the brackets for a long time without even getting noticed. So it is important that a through diet plan is followed instead of avoiding everything that might hurt or lead to cavities. Care should be given that this should not lead to malnutrition.

Hence, be well aware of your diet and all careful that should not harm your teeth in any way, it is a difficult combination but not an impossible one. Remember this few safe foods to get you healthy during this time.

Foods Recommended For Dental Braces

Fruits And Vegetables

Generally all types of fruits can be had during this time especially softer ones like bananas, strawberries, ripe pears, mangoes etc if not possible to have a fruit right away have fruit juice, but remember to use straw to avoid staining your teeth.

Fruits And Vegetables

Do not in any case miss out on vegetables just because it hurts as it will rip your body of essential nutrients and can lead to malnutrition, It is the last thing you want. if not possible to have them raw just cook them till they become soft enough for you to eat.  Interesting salads can be created with them which is a lot healthier and nutritious.


All types of breads can be had during this time. If you are having problem having it try with melted butter as it will make the bread further soft. a lot of interesting recipes can be created with breads like cheeses sandwich or a healthier option like panner sandwich which are easy to make and also easier to eat. Nutella with bread is another great option.



Rice is a safe option if you are experiencing pain due to braces but it should be eaten with precaution as it can easily get stuck in between your braces, hence through cleaning is advisable after having rice meals. But it is one of the healthiest options and also a safe one. Rice can be clubbed with a number of gravies or even curd.

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Warm Beverages

Milk in any form is one of the best items to have during braces. Milk shakes are good if you are experiencing pain followed by thorough cleaning of teeth but should be avoided otherwise as small pieces of fruits can get stuck in your braces. Coffee, tea, soya milk in any form is suitable; it is advisable to use straw to drink whenever possible to avoid staining your teeth.


Fish and prawns is the best and the only safe options during braces. It has high protein content and can be made into various delicious recipes. Other meats are fibrous and get stuck in between braces and can get cumbersome to remove or clean.


Make it a habit to break your food into small chunks rather than taking bigger bite at a time, For example instead of having an apple as a whole, cut it into smaller chunks so that you can it comfortably, this will help chew your food properly without having much pain as you will tend to eat small chunks from the back teeth. This is one of the key rules which should be followed in all circumstances; even hard foods can become an easier option if this key rule is followed.

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