Enjoy Perfect Smile Makeover With Composite Veneers

Smile Makeover With Composite Veneers

Smile Makeover With Composite Veneers

The composite veneers are counted among the most preferred procedures for smile makeover. They are also referred to as the direct veneers. The professional dentists use the procedure of composite veneers with the purpose of advancing the surface, shape, size and color of the teeth to appear as fine-looking.

Composite veneers are very much different from the porcelain veneers because treatment of the patient can be done in just one visit through these veneers. To carry out this procedure, the dentists should have possessed all the required technical skills and must have expertise in the field to provide natural looking composite veneers to the people.

Why The Composite Veneers Are Required?

stained teeth

In these days, a number of dental problems are creating difficulties for the people. To prevent people from these disorders, the professional dentists use various types of treatment options and composite veneers are indeed listed among them.

They are extremely effective ways of providing cure from the several cosmetic dental problems such as crooked teeth, damaged teeth, stained teeth, infected teeth and closing gaps between the teeth. These are the severe problems but many people have been cured with the proper treatment of composite veneers. Unlike the porcelain veneers, composite veneers do not remain for the long time instead they have to be replaced after two to five years.

Procedure Of Composite Veneers

The professional dentists apply the composite veneers according to a certain procedure, which is being explained below:

Early Examination

Early Examination

The treatment of composite veneers is a very important procedure to prevent certain teeth diseases. Prior to the initialization of this procedure, the dentist does consultation with the patient and examines his or her condition of the teeth for the composite veneers.

In case, if the patient is suffering from any gum disease, then the dentist won’t perform the procedure of composite veneers. Besides that, the dentist also asks the patient about the desired color of the teeth and then applies the veneers accordingly to his or her teeth.

Applying The Composite Veneers

Applying The Composite Veneers

After analyzing the patient’s teeth condition for composite veneers, the dental specialist starts the process of applying the veneers. At first, the dentist cleans the teeth of the patient to avoid any surface made up of plaque to place the veneers.

Thereafter, the teeth get thoroughly dried and the dentist isolates them with a rubber block to remove any moisture. Subsequently, the front surface to the teeth is being carved through an acid to clean the surface of the teeth.

Bonding The Veneers


During the procedure of applying the composite veneers into the teeth, the dentist uses a bonding mediator to the surface of the teeth and then places the composite material gently to assemble the tooth. In order to generate the final veneer, the dentist will repeat the entire process until getting the desired result. However, the success of the composite veneer procedure largely depends upon the skills and experience of the professional dentist.

Consequently, composite veneers have become an important tool to achieve a brighter smile as it helps the people with effective teeth whitening and prevents the teeth with any kind of disorder but only when if it is done by a skilled dentist.

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