Ways To Clean Bonded Teeth

Dental bonding has become an easy way to restore your lost smile as there is no need for any complex kind of surgery or any medication. It is a quick and an economical way to sparkle your smile and overall appearance. However, as it is a cosmetic procedure for teeth bonding, the bonded teeth need to be cleaned in a special way to maintain its look and luster.

Though we can also clean it on our own the best solution would be to take professional assistance while cleaning the bonded teeth. It is possible to retain the shine of your bonded teeth for as long as fifteen years with proper cleaning. So here is a list of some common and easy ways to clean your bonded teeth.

List of cleaning Technique for Bonded Teeth

Use a gentle Tooth Paste

Gentle Tooth Paste

The teeth that are bonded go through a complex procedure where it is glued with the original damaged teeth using laser light. So while cleaning these teeth the tooth paste you use needs to be natural as well as non-abrasive. This is necessary as the harsh chemicals from other tooth pastes could damage the bonded teeth.

A Word of Caution

Rembrandt Toothpaste

Never clean your bonded teeth using a tooth paste that might contain pumice-containing prophylaxis pastes, instruments such as ultrasonic scaling devices or different air-polishing techniques. This will only make the shine of your teeth dull. There are certain tooth pastes available in the market specially recommended for cleaning bonded teeth. These are Supersmile and Rembrandt Toothpaste.

Use a Soft Brush

Soft Toothbrushes

After choosing your tooth paste go for a soft tooth brush. Always brush the teeth very gently to avoid any kind of abrasion. In the initial months, you must brush the bonded areas very gently so as to avoid any damage to the bonding. These are applied using cosmetic lights so be careful with your brush.

Floss Regularly

Floss Regularly

You must floss regularly to keep the stains and food particles away from the bonded tooth or teeth. You should also brush after every meal as there might be chances where starch containing food might get stuck between the bonded teeth.

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Avoid Certain Food Stuffs

Avoid Certain Food Stuffs

There are certain food stuffs such as alcohol, coffee and tea that can cause staining on the bonded teeth. These stains may either be temporary and in some instances could become permanent. If it is light then the dentist can remove the stain off the bonded teeth using some form of chemical polish. But if the stain is hard and stubborn, the dentist would have to remove certain areas from the bonded regions and restructure it with a fresh coat of the polishing material.



Sometimes the surface of the bonded tooth might become much stained. In such cases it would not be advisable to restructure only a certain portion of the teeth but to restructure the entire bonded area.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

For some people staining becomes a persistent problem. In such cases the person can be advised to use porcelain veneers as these are very resistant to staining problems.