2 Different Types Of Mechanical Toothbrushes

Types Of Mechanical Toothbrushes

Types Of Mechanical Toothbrushes

Maintaining oral health is all about regular cleaning of teeth and preventing plaque build up that means you do not have to undergo scraping. Your regular dental visits wouldn’t turn out to be very expensive as with regular brushing you can avoid various gum problems.

But the only question is, Are your brushing your teeth properly? Getting up in the morning and if brushing is the first thing to do then people usually try to run away form it and try to get rid of it within few seconds. You need to follow proper technique to clean your teeth, use the right toothbrush, floss your teeth and visit a dentist every 6 months.

Brushing Your Teeth Made Easy

Brushing Made Easy

People usually wonder if the high tech brushes can be of any help or not, besides using the electric brush you have to be sure whether you are using the right technique or not. How long do you spend to brush your teeth and of course a toothbrush that works on battery wouldn’t ask you to move your hand that much and will do the task on its own.

Types Of Mechanical Toothbrushes Available

Rechargeable Toothbrush

Rechargeable Toothbrush

You can even call it a power toothbrush as you have to recharge the battery by connecting it through a power plug. For these types of brushes you need to change the head of the brush after every three months.

They have a different cleaning technology, they make use of sonic technology or oscillating-rotating 3D action cleaning. These brushes can offer you around 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute. It has a vibratory movement that moves back and forth to clean plaque from the teeth and in between the gums.

Battery-Power Toothbrush

Battery Power Toothbrush

For people who are fond of power brushes but not sure of using a electric toothbrush that needs to be charged will definitely like toothbrushes that are powered by battery. It works exactly the same but the only difference is that it works on AA battery. It also provides the same cleaning with vibration movement.

You can also opt for brushes that gives you the option for brush movement based upon vibrating, oscillating/rotating and ultrasonic technology. Look for the one with a better grip has you have to hold it while the brush cleans your teeth. Quality of the bristles also makes a difference and various options are also available for you to choose from.

You can even control the speed of the brush depending upon your requirement especially for children and old people whose gums can easily be damaged. brushing with electric brush seems so much fun but do not extend the duration of brushing as that can hurt and lead to bleeding.

Make use of built-in timer so that you can even control the duration for how long you have brush.Children get into the habit of regular brushing with the power toothbrush but make sure you take note of their brushing duration as well. Electric toothbrush provide effective cleaning and never cause damage to gum and tooth enamel.