5 Different Dangers Of Using Whitestrips

Dangers Of Using Whitestrips

Different Dangers Of Using Whitestrips

With the focus placed on elegance and external appearances in community, having white teeth is the priority for many individuals.

In an attempt to make teeth white, some individuals use teeth whitening therapies. Teeth whitening products are extensively available out there. Today, Crest white strips are the growing trend when it comes to the teeth whitening. Usually, these are so much popular among people because with the help of these people can have white teeth.

It is the process of making discoloured teeth of people whiter with the help of bleach or other type of chemicals or products. Teeth whitening products remove the stains and other type of discoloration from teeth surface.

Generally, it is the cosmetic therapy done to whitening teeth. These type of treatments are used by the people to remove the effects of cigarettes, coffee and other materials which continuously discolour or stain teeth.

Dangers Of Using Whitestrips

Wear And Tear Of Teeth


Teeth Whitening materials are very harmful for the health of your teeth. Teeth enamel is intended to protect inner core of teeth (known as dentin) from daily wear & tear.

According to people’s experience over the years, it has been found that tooth gum irritation and teeth sensitivity are some common harmful effects of using whitening products for teeth. Some whitening products are somehow safe to use but the tooth whitening products which contain chlorine dioxide can be harmful so one should be aware.

Gum Irritation On Your Insides

Gum Irritation On Your Insides

Gum irritation is one of the most common dangers of using white strips for whitening the teeth. Sometimes, the sensitivity and pain may not be from the tooth but it may be from gums. Discomfort or Pain in gums after having whitening treatment is typically caused by the bleach ingredient that is used in the teeth whitening process.

Burning Sensation Is Felt

Burning Sensation Is Felt

Peroxide is so much harsh so you should avoid it touching gums or you may feel such type of tooth whitening adverse reactions.

Usually a burning sensation is felt by any individual when the peroxide gets in contact with the sensitive mouth’s part which is found in white strips. Also you should keep in mind that excess use of teeth whitening products can burn the gums.

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Tooth Sensitivity In Varied Proportion

Tooth Sensitivity In Varied Proportion

The most common tooth whitening adverse reactions is pain or teeth sensitivity during or after the process of tooth whitening. Any pain or tooth sensitivity should disappear within 24 to 36 hrs, however in several cases it may keep on up to 5 or 10 days.

Sensitivity takes place because of some chemical reactions in the tooth enamel or the peroxide flowing into the pulp (tooth’s nerve chamber).

Severe Pain Persists

The white strips

The white strips consist of various elements including potassium nitrate which works for some, moderately for others but not for most. It makes your teeth weak and harms them a lot. Some individuals experience severe pain.

The above mentioned are few of the side effects and dangers of using white strips on your teeth. These are the effects that are bound to happen every single time that you would use white strips. You need to be prepared for them if you wish to use white strips on your teeth.