Dental Spa For Teenagers

Dental Spa For Teenager

Dental Spa For Teenager

Visiting the dentist just got a whole lot relaxing. Did you ever imagine eagerly looking forward to going for your dentist’s appointment? Yes, not surprisingly when one considers the array of facilities and pampering one receives.

Dental Spa For Teenagers

Dental Spa For Teenagers

The dentist’s chair has become lot more bearable with the steady influx of dental spas across various countries. It might seem odd to see dentists, aestheticians and masseuses all working in the same office, but it is actually happening at these immensely popular dental spas.

Wouldn’t your teen daughter love to have her feet massaged while her dentist does replacing her fillings? Bringing a spa-like treatment experience into a dental office is a way of helping patients overcome their dental fears and anxieties.

According to statistics furnished by the American Dental Association, 25 percent Americans refuse to visit the dentist as they are either afraid of the pain or have been through a bad experience in the past.

Its strong recommendation of stress-allaying methods in the dental clinic, specifically for anxious people or those with cardiovascular ailments is of immense significance. Also, a relaxed patient poses lesser risk of injuring himself/herself and lesser tricky to work with for dentists.

What Makes for a Zen-Like Experience at a Dental Spa

Dental Spa

The foremost clue that you are entering a dental spa is being greeted by therapeutic dogs that help soothe jittery nerves before the dentist’s appointment.

The spas offer a relaxing setting replete with artificial waterfalls, comfy interiors, candles lit for a comforting aromatherapy experience and assortments of the freshest fruits, drinks and baked goodies.

Your teen can make a pick of favourite music or videos to watch with virtual-reality eye wear or listen on personalized headphones to drown the typical unpleasant noises heard at the dental office.

The patient is also greeted to a paraffin treatment for hands where he/she immerse hands into warm wax which are then covered with mittens for sealing in the warmth and moisture.

Patients are given a tepid neck pillow, blanket and cooling eye mask prior to reclining in a sound wave massage chair with a reflexologist handy. While the patient unwinds in the chair the dentist gets busy with his/her practice.

Oral sedation dentistry is also practiced in these dental spas which is basically a needle-free approach of calming stress-ridden or phobic patients via the use of sedative medication or inhaling laughing gas so that they are more co-operative and relaxed during their appointments.

Other facilities are free transportation to the clinic and back, attending to the patient’s calls or tending to toddlers or pets, ordering food or making a reservation for the patient.

After completing the treatment session, your teen can enjoy a complementary facial or a brief massage, foot scrub and even microdermabrasion for the foremost time he/she visits for a regular procedure. Patients are even given a parting souvenir like a flattering bunch of flowers, wine and custom-made CD bearing the patient’s fondest numbers.

Indulgence at What Cost

Indulgence at What Cost

In majority of these clinics, the spa-like facilities are part of the costs of the standard dental services. However, as dental professionals offering spa facilities are mainly into cosmetic dentistry hence several insurance companies does not provide cover for such dental costs.

For people visiting clinics that offer standard as well as cosmetic dentistry there might be a limitation to the extent of insurance coverage they might receive and they could have to bear other costs.

Visiting a dental spa would usually cost more as compared to going to a regular dentist’s clinic. But, then it is an alluring way of encouraging sound oral health practices in your teen by visiting the dental spa if you can afford it?