Cost Effective Fluoride Therapy To Prevent Cavities

Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride is a mineral that improves the oral health by making your teeth more resistant towards acid that is produced in the mouth because of the bacteria present there. The acid produced can cause tooth decay and the benefit of fluoride is for all age groups.

Children below six need it the most for the development of their permanent teeth, in adults it protects the teeth from oral decay and promotes remineralization. With time minerals are lost from the enamel of the tooth and that is when sugar and bacteria attack the enamel and forms a plaque.

How Is Fluoride Available

Medical store

Many food and water supplies do contain fluoride which offers enough mineral for healthy teeth. Even toothpastes are available that contain fluoride but even after that if the problem persists, tooth decay can be prevented with fluoride treatment.

Mouth rinses also contain fluoride which you can get at any medical store but the content of the mineral is of lower strength. For a stronger concentration you need a doctor’s prescription.

Fluoride Treatment And Procedure

Application of Fluoride

Fluoride therapy means application of fluoride or its similar product to prevent dental caries and tooth decay. The treatment is done in a dentist’s office where a hygienist will clean your mouth and apply fluoride on your teeth.

It can be in the form of varnish, foam or gel and the teeth is covered with a mouth trap for about one to four minutes. The fluoride used in this treatment is much more than what you get in your mouth rinse or toothpaste. Depending upon the severity of your oral problem, the dentist can even prescribe you supplements in the form of tablets or liquid.

Fluoride Treatment For Children

Fluoride Treatment For Children

Fluoride treatment is generally safe as it is done under the observation of a dentist but at home the supplements should be used carefully.

It should be kept away from the reach of children, if the treatment is for the children it has to be made sure that they spit the toothpaste while brushing and it should not be swallowed.

Limited Dose Is Advisable

Brown discoloration

Intake of fluoride has to be limited, overdose can cause dental fluorosis that can lead to brown discoloration and white spots on the teeth. Flourosis is powerful enough to damage temporary as well as permanent teeth.

The major effect of this is on the teeth towards the front that causes cosmetic problems. Acute overdose of fluoride can even cause poisoning or even death which is why children below two years should not brush their teeth, as parents you should help them and make it a habit to teach them to spit the toothpaste and rinse the mouth properly.

Sources Of Flouride Intake

Sources Of Flouride

Fish with bones, cereals, poultry products and tea are the natural sources of fluoride. Fluoride supplements are advised by the doctors if there is a lack of mineral in the body, lozenges, tablets, and oral solution is prescribed.

Toothpaste with 1000 ppm fluoride and sodium fluoride toothpastes have around 5000 ppm fluoride in it. Regular cleaning of teeth and gum is a must but do not forget to consult your dentist and take proper advice if you face any gum issues.