Attain Enduring Solutions With Endodontic Surgery Procedure

Solutions With Endodontic Surgery

Solutions With Endodontic Surgery

In most of the times, a root canal treatment allows a tooth of the patient to remain for the whole life and won’t require any endodontic treatment. But sometimes, the teeth of the patient may not be cured or may get infected, which can cause pain and other problems even after the root canal therapy.

Hence, the procedure of endodontic surgery prevents the tooth of the patient from varied kinds of dental problems. In fact, this surgery saves the tooth from multiple teeth disorders and keeps the teeth healthier, stronger and natural for the whole life.

Procedures Of Endodontic Surgery

Majority of the professional dentists prefer to use the endodontic surgery for those people who are aspiring for stronger teeth throughout their life. This treatment is comprised of various methods to perform by the dentists. These are:



Apicoectomy forms an essential part into the procedure of endodontic surgery. During this procedure, the dentist unties the gum tissue adjacent the tooth with the purpose of overlooking the primary bone and then removing any sort of infected tissue in it. Besides that, the specialist also removes the extreme end of the root.

Thereafter, the dentist places a small filling in the root to stick the end of the root canal and then places some stitches in the gingiva to assist the tissue mend in perfect manner. However, the dentist may plan follow up appointments, after the procedure of apicoectomy, on consequent basis to have a regular examination of healing.

Intentional Replantation

Intentional Replantation

Apart from the apicoectomy surgery, the intentional replantation is also considered as an imperative procedure of endodontic surgery. This surgical process is performed by the dental specialists with the purpose of intentional extraction and replacement of a damaged tooth. Furthermore, intentional replantation is extremely helpful for those teeth, which are not eligible for the treatment of conventional endodontic surgery. This procedure will certainly ensure stronger teeth for the patients.

Other Surgical Options

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is a vital root to achieve much healthier teeth. Sometimes, it becomes the last option for the patients who are facing continuous dental problems. With keeping its significance into consideration, there are several options available of endodontic surgery at the side of apicoectomy and intentional replantation.

Some of them are segregating a tooth in half, removing one or more root and refurbishing a wounded root. However, the specialized dentist decides the use of any of these endodontic surgical options only after analyzing the condition of the patients’ teeth.

Substitutes Of Endodontic Surgery

dental bridges

Majority of the dentists favor the use of endodontic surgery because it can provide perfect solution for the total care of your tooth. But some of them are in doubt about the efficiency of this surgical procedure as it does not guarantee the accurate care of the tooth even after the surgery.

Therefore, these specialists have suggested some alternatives of endodontic surgery in the form of tooth extraction, dental implant, dental bridge and removable partial false teeth. Nevertheless, by comparing these dental methods to the endodontic surgery, the latter one will succeed due to its cost efficiency and natural benefits.

Anuvrat Arya