An Insight To Laser Teeth Whitening

Insight To Laser Teeth Whitening

An Insight To Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening also is popularly known as a power bleaching method which is a boon to those with yellow and dull looking teeth. This is an expensive procedure but offer stunning results within a short time frame.

If you wish to have a pearly white smile, then you can opt for this treatment which is a viable option. These are the ideal choices for a special event in your life such as a wedding or engagement as discoloration of your teeth would make your smile look very dull. This article would let you know every aspect of laser teeth whitening in detail to offer an insight about the procedure, cost, pros and cons.

Process Involved In Laser Teeth Whitening

This process would require your dentist to thoroughly clean and remove the plaque buildup before the treatment. Also using peroxide bleach, your teeth would be bleached. This will make your teeth very clean and would pave the way for the laser light to pass through easily.

A high powered plasma machine that has the lightest as its tool would be used in the procedure. The high powered light from the machine is placed a few inches away from the teeth and then the procedure is formed. The overall time frame takes about an hour. If the cleaning and bleaching is performed in the previous session, then the time is much lesser.

Features Of Laser Teeth Whitening

Quite Effective

Quite Effective

This treatment is very effective in making your teeth sparkling white as the laser penetrates much deeper and offers good results.

Compared to other procedures, the effect of this treatment lasts about one year to two year’s time. Also there is no incidence of staining or other such problems during this period.

Takes lesser time

Takes lesser time

This treatment is a quick process and offers a dramatic white look within a few minutes time. The procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour usually. So you can attend any function or event after having this treatment on the same day.

Safe Method

Safe Method

If you are concerned about the laser beams harming your gums and teeth, then you can stay relaxed.

Usually a neutralizing gel along with a shield of rubber is placed in your mouth to protect sensitivity and gum damage. This safety makes laser teeth whitening a hit among other teeth whitening treatments.

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Gives You Priceless Smile

Gives You Priceless Smile

Soon after the treatment you can have a dazzling smile wherever you go and this will get you good compliments from your friends who will be amazed at your pearly white teeth. Also you can eat normal food and drink whatever you like to.

Has A Minimum Side Effect

Minimum Side Effect

When compared to other teeth whitening treatment, this laser treatment has very few side effects. You might feel your teeth having high sensitivity towards hot or cold foods and drinks for a few days.

This might be due to bleaching involved in the process. Sometimes you might feel a burning sensation owing to the exposure of laser light. But these symptoms wear away after sometime or within a week maximum.

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