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6 Possible Side Effects Of Dental Implants

By on May 24, 2012

6 Possible Side Effects Of Dental ImplantsDental implants is a surgical procedure in which lost, missing or broken teeth are replaced by artificial ones. Just like any implanting procedure, patients may vary in the ways they react to these implants. Some possible side effects occur with the use of dental implants. Let us study these side effects.

Side Effects Of Dental Implants


Bruising and discoloration of the skin is very common in dental implants. The bruising starts in the face and may gradually progress to the neck and shoulder region. This bruising primarily occurs due to a disturbance in the soft tissues of the mouth and the jaw region. This bruising subsides with time.


Pain is a common feature of most surgical procedures. The pain intensifies especially after the anaesthesia wears off. In dental implants, the pain may be more intense especially if cuts have been given to the mouth and the gum region.

6 Possible Side Effects Of Dental Implants

If the pain gets worse, it could be a sign of infection. A strong painkiller should give relief to the patient. Some of the common painkillers given are ibuprofen. A course of antibiotics may also be prescribed to reduce chances of an infection.


One of the most common side effects is the likelihood of infection. This occurs due to poor surgical hygiene or pathetic postoperative care. Sometimes a dry socket forms in the surgical site, giving rise to the possibility of deep tissue infection due to exposure.

Other symptoms of an infection are bad breath and high fever. Hence, it is mandatory that critical care and hygiene be followed and practised during and after the operation to reduce the incidence of an infection.

6 Possible Side Effects Of Dental Implants

An infection could lower the body’s ability to heal faster.

Damage To The Nerves

Due to deep drilling, a dentist may actually puncture a nerve while putting the implant. This may lead to nerve damage or death. This is characterized by lack of sensation on the tongue or lip region. Sometimes the insensitivity is prolonged and does not really go away.

Fractures To The Jaw

This is a rare side effect of dental implants. The drilling tools used to fix the implant may accidentally lead to a fracture of the bone jaw. This complicates the procedure, as steps will now have to be taken to repair the fracture. The patient may also experience a lot of pain in the jaw along with difficulties in chewing his/her food.


Sinusitis is again an uncommon side effect of dental implants. This occurs when the dental surgeon accidentally drills through the bone of the upper jaw and into the sinus cavity. The puncture by the drill machine could lead to a serious infection of the sinus cavity leading to sinusitis. The person may start to experience headaches, blocked and clogged nasal passages, stuffy nose and difficulties in swallowing.

 dental implants

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This is an uncomfortable side effect and may lower the patient’s response to recuperate faster.These are some of the common side effects experienced with dental implants. The good news is that dental implants can last for years if the patient practices proper care and oral hygiene.

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