5 Simple Tips For Taking Care Of A Child’s Dental Health

Taking Care Of A Child's Dental Health

Child's Dental Health

Healthy teeth form an essential part of a child’s overall health and development. In fact, healthy teeth are important for overall nutrition of the child because in the absence of strong and problem free teeth, your child may not be able to enjoy entire range of foods, including dried fruits and nuts.

By taking care of your child’s oral health, as soon as the baby is born, you can lay the foundation of healthy teeth and gums for lifetime. Healthy teeth of your child can help him/her lead a successful life.

Simple Tips For Taking Care Of A Child’s Dental Health

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

A good dental care regimen of your child starts even before eruption of first tooth. After feeding the baby, wipe off his/her gums with a clean and damp cotton cloth. It will prevent bacteria build up in his/her mouth.

As soon as the first tooth of the baby erupts at around six months of age (it may appear little later or earlier), start brushing his/her tooth with a soft baby brush, twice a day. Do not use baby brush at this stage. When your kid grows into a toddler, start using pea sized paste. Do not overdo paste on the brush as it can cause more harm than good for your baby’s teeth.

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Use Of Fluoride Tooth Paste

Fluoride Tooth Paste

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, which in miniscule quantities, is good for teeth as it combines with tooth’s enamel and strengthens it. Take an ADA accepted toothpaste for your child.

Too much fluoride can cause many health hazards, so avoid covering your baby’s entire brush with paste. Excessive fluoride can cause stains on your baby’s teeth so make sure that your child does not swallow tooth paste.

Drink Fluoridated Water

Drink Fluoridated Water

It is important to drink fluoridated water. Generally tap water contains adequate amount of fluoride but it is always a good idea to check with the authorities at the municipality. In case, your tap water does not contain fluoride or lacks adequate amount, talk to your dentist. He or she may prescribe fluoride drops for your kids.

Pay Attention On The Diet

child's diet

A healthy and well balanced diet plays a major role in your child’s dental health. Limit his/her intake of sweet and starchy foods as they produce plaque acids, casing tooth decay. Encourage your child to eat raw foods like salads, fruits, etc. Apples and carrots are especially good for your child’s teeth.

Include milk, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables in his/her diet. She or he should get adequate amount of calcium, phosphorus, etc. Try to give starchy and sugary foods along with meals instead as snacks as extra saliva produced during eating full meals help washing teeth.

Take Your Child To The Dentist

child & dentist

Take your child to a dentist on his/her first birthday. Make it a habit to go for dental check up two times a year. Make the visit fun and encourage the child to ask questions with the dentist.

Regular checkups make your child conscious about oral health and prevents any serious problem from developing.

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