14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures

14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures

14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures Orthodontics is a major type of dentistry that aims to correct tooth irregularity and improper bites. There are orthodontic procedures for people of any age group. Orthodontic procedures help eliminate major jaw or teeth problems and also improve the appearance of the person. Orthodontic procedures resolve various dental issues that include difficulty in chewing, irregular bite, missing teeth, protruding teeth, crowding of teeth, facial imbalance and speech difficulty. Here are some major types of orthodontic procedures.

Types of Orthodontic Procedures

The Records Appointment

This is one of the initial appointments with the dentist that involves taking pictures, impressions and x-rays. This is one of the crucial orthodontic procedures as it helps the dentist figure out what treatment the patient needs.

Dental Impressions

14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures

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This orthodontic procedure is the very first step in making a model or impression of the natural tooth. The patient is made to bite into a can containing algenate that gets hardened and the dentist can easily produce the tooth’s mold.

Extraoral Photography

It is a special photograph of the face. These photographs not only help the dentist better diagnose the dental condition but also helps the patients claim dental insurance easily. These extraoral photographs are also used to show presentations of their mouths to the patients.

Tooth Banding

This orthodontic procedure involves cementing bands onto the teeth.

Tooth Bonding

This procedure uses a special glue to attach brackets to the teeth. The glue used is extremely safe.


This orthodontic procedure involves removal of the orthodontic bands that were cemented onto the teeth through banding.


It is the opposite of the Bonding process mentioned above. It removes brackets attached to the teeth.

Cephalometric X-Rays

14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures

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This orthodontic procedure checks proper alignment of teeth through an X-ray of the head. The X-ray also gives view to whether the teeth are growing properly or not.

Panoramic X-Ray

This is a special type of x-ray that is taken by rotating machine that revolves around the patient’s head to give an overall idea of jaws, teeth, etc.

Acid Etch

This is a type of orthodontic procedure that involves smearing your teeth with a weak acid. Once the smearing is complete, dental brackets can be put on the teeth. Acid etch procedure helps the brackets stay for longer.

Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

This orthodontic procedure is common among children in the age group 6 to 8 years. This procedure expands the child’s palate along with other adjustments and corrections. This procedure makes latter orthodontic procedures less painful, less time consuming and much easier.


14 Major Types Of Orthodontic Procedures

This orthodontic procedure involves attaching an archwire to brackets already placed on the teeth. The components involved in this procedure are called ligating components such as ligating module. Ligating module is the plastic piece that holds onto the archwires.

Brace Tightening

This orthodontic procedure involves adjustment or replacement of wires in dental braces. This procedure takes almost 6 weeks to be completed.

Wax Bite

This orthodontic procedure measures the degree of alignment of your teeth. This requires the patient to bite into wax sheet. The dentist then looks at the patient’s bitemarks and determines whether or not his/her teeth are properly aligned.